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1. The highest feasible temperature for batch sterilization is ________
a) 124°C
b) 120°C
c) 122°C
d) 121°C

2. Which of the following is not a type of sterilization?
a) Batch
b) Continuous
c) Filter
d) Submerged

3. Which of the following instrument works on the principle of batch sterilization?
a) Incubator
b) Autoclave
c) Centrifuge
d) LAF

4. The destruction of microorganisms by moist heat is described by ______________
a) Zero-order reaction
b) First-order reaction
c) Third-order reaction
d) Second-order reaction

5. If the foreign microorganism invades the fermentation, which of the following is not likely to occur?
a) The medium will not allow the growth of contaminant
b) The contaminant may outgrow the production organism
c) The contaminant may contaminate the final product
d) The contaminant may degrade the final product

6. The long exposure of batch sterilization may lead to ____________
a) Purification of media
b) Recovery of media
c) Degradation
d) Good quality of product

7. Which scientists introduced the term ‘Del factor’?
a) Deindoerfer and Humphrey
b) Jacob and Monod
c) Banks and Corbett
d) Richards

8. What is the advantage of batch sterilization over continuous sterilization?
a) Superior maintenance of medium quality
b) Ease of scale-up
c) Automatic control
d) Lower equipment costs

9. How long does it take for the autoclave to complete its cycle?
a) 30-35 minutes
b) 50 min to 1 hr
c) 15-20 minutes
d) 10-15 minutes

10. What do you mean by sterilization?
a) Purification of products
b) Recovery of products
c) Elimination of contamination
d) Formulation of media

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