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1. What is known the cold and dense air blowing down from the mountain slope during the night?

A: Anabatic Wind

B: Katabatic wind

C: Lue Wind

D: Khamsin wind

2. At what concentration (in ppm), is nitrogen present in the atmosphere ?

A: 780,840

B: 790,840

C: 880,840

D: 990,840

3. Due to the rotation of earth, wind get deflected in a particular direction, – is known as –

A: Geostropic Wind

B: Tornedo

C: Polar wind

D: Nor westers

4. When the temperature of air become lowest?

A: At mid night

B: At 3 a.m

C: Just before sun rise

D: no fixed time.

5. Which chemically neutral gas present in earth atmosphere?

A: Oxygen

B: Carbon-di-oxide

C: Argon

D: Methene

6. What is doldrums?

A: Equatorial zone with low pressure

B: Equatorial zone with high pressure

C: Polar region with snow fall

D: Horse latitudes

7. Why atmospheric pressure exerted on earth?

A: Due to gravitation of earth

B: Due to rotation of earth

C: Due to heat of atmosphere

D: sun ray fall on atmosphere

8. When sea breeze blows?

A: At day time from land to sea

B: At day time from sea to land.

C: At night-time from sea to mountain

D: At night-time from mountain to sea

9. The direction of wind measured by which of the following instrument?

A: Hygrometer

B: Wind gauze

C: Barometer

D: Multimeter

10. ________ an ascent of 300 feet is known as lapse rate?

A: Wind speed

B: Humidity

C: temperature

D: Pressure

11. Form the climatic point of view which is important?

A: Oxygen

B: Carbon dioxide

C: Methene

D: nitrogen

12. Why the trade wind blows?

A: Due to rotation of earth

B: Due to heating effects on the earth surface

C: movement of air along earth’s surface to ward equator

D: Due to atmospheric pressure.

13. Why temperature decreases towards to pole?

A: Air moves towards the equator.

B: Cold heavy air prevent to reach sun’s heat to ground.

C: Cold surface do not absorb solar energy.

D: Progressively lesser solar energy per unit area falls on the earth’s surface as we move to polar regions.

14. Find the correct statement.

A: Jet streams are best developed in winters.

B: Jet streams have often developed oscillations.

C: Both are wrong

D: Both are correct

15. Which gas is second maximum by volume in the earth atmosphere?

A: Nitrogen

B: Oxygen

C: Carbon Dioxide

D: Argon

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