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1. A web page is

(a) Made up of text and HTML tags

(b) Marked by an opening HTML tag <HTML>

(c) Marked by a closing HTML tag </HTML>

(d) All of these

2. The time required for a gate or inverter to change its state is called

(a) Propagation time

(b) Decay time

(c) Charging time

(d) Rise time

3. The garbage collector

(a) is critical for efficient virtual memory system

(b) Prevents fragmentation from occurring

(c) Is mostly used with fixed partition

(d) Collects fragmented areas of memory

4. The lowest level of input output control consist of

(a) Device drivers

(b) Interrupt handler

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

5.  Viruses

(a) Another form of computer attack is virus

(b) Viruses are designed to spread into other programs and can wreak havoc in a system

(c) Causing system crashes and program malfunctioning

(d) all of these 

6. A hardware device that is capable of executing a sequence of instruction is called

(a) CU

(b) Processor

(c) CPU

(d) ALU

7.  To transfer electronic mail from one machine to another, the following TCP/IP protocol is used

(a) RPC

(b) FTP

(c) SNMP

(d) SMTP

8. High-resolution, bit-mapped displays are useful for displaying:

(a) more characters

(b) clearer characters

(c) graphics

(d) all of the above

9. The average number of comparisons in sequential search is:

(a) n2

(b) (n+1)/2

(c) n(n+2)/2

(d) n+2/2

10. The last DML statement processed during a commit transaction is?




(d) POST

11. Standard for MODEM is drawn up by the following organisation:

(a) Hayes

(b) AT and T

(c) BELL


12. The following topology has highest reliability:

(a) Ring

(b) Mesh

(c) Bus

(d) Star

13. The following are the standard synchronous communication protocol except?

(a) SLIP

(b) SDLC

(c) PAS

(d) SMTP

14. The output of a lexical analyzer is:

(a) A parse tree

(b) Intermediate code

(c) Machine code

(d) A stream of tokens

15. Following is the Special software to create a job queue:

(a) Interpreter

(b) Linkage editor

(c) Spooler

(d) Drive

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