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1. High engine oil consumption can not he caused by
a) Oil leakage into combustion chambers
b) Leaking valve cover gaskets
c) Leaking exhaust manifold gaskets
d) Worn piston rings or cylinders

2. High oil consumption is indicated by
a) Oil added to engine frequently
b) Oil indicator light glows
c) Abnormal engine noises
d) Oil-wet areas on a or around the engine

3. Greases perform better than oils under conditions requiring
a) cleanliness or avoidance of splash
b) minimum attention
c) a seal against external contaminants
d) all of the mentioned

4. The various types of greases used for lubrication are
a) calcium soap greases
b) sodium soap greases
c) aluminium soap greases
d) all of the mentioned

5. Flickering oil pressure warning light and off at stop lights is an indication of
a) Light Circuit at fault
b) Oil level in the engine low
c) Low pressure problems
d) Oil contaminated

6. The various grads of oils/referred to
a) American Society of Automotive Engines.
b) British Society of Automotive Engines.
c) Pakistan Society of Automotive Engines.
d) Japan Society of Automotive Engines.

7. Greases perform better than oils under conditions requiring
a) high bearing loads and shock loads
b) slow journal speed
c) temperature extremes
d) all of the mentioned

8.Pressure fed oiling is not used with
a) Crankshaft hearings
b) Camshaft bearings
c) Hydraulic lifters
d) Cylinder walls

9. _______ are small passages through the cylinder head and block for lubricating oil
a) Oil galleries
b) Oil clearances
c) Oil film
d) None of the above

10. Viscosity numbering system is used to rate the _____ of engine, oil.
a) Thickness
b) Oil weight
c) Oil gravity
d) Oil temperature

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