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1. Which of the following is a consumer industry and is also found in the cooperative store?
(a) Paper mills
(b) Petrochemicals
(c) Machine Tools
(d) Sugar

2. Which one of the following industries uses limestone as a raw material.
(a) Aluminium
(b) Cement
(c) Sugar
(d) Jute

3. Regular supply of electricity and an assured source of raw material at minimum cost are the two prime factors for the location of which one of the following industries:
(a) Iron and Steel
(b) Automobile
(c) Aluminium smelting(d) Electronics

4. Which one of the following agencies markets steel for the public sector plants?
(a) HAIL
(b) SAIL
(c) TATA Steel
(d) MNCC

5. Which one of the following industries uses bauxite as a raw material?
(a) Aluminium
(b) Cement
(c) Jute
(d) Steel

6. Which one of the following industries manufactures telephones, computer, etc.
(a) Steel
(b) Electronic

(c) Aluminium
(d) Information Technology

7. One of the reasons behind the expansion of fertilizer industries is:
(a) more demand for export
(b) green revolution
(c) Easy availability of electricity
(d) Government policies

8. Which one of the following is not true regarding the Iron and Steel industry in India?
(a) India is the largest producer of sponge iron.
(b) Most of the public sector undertakings market their steel through the Steel Authority of India.
(c) Chhotanagpur Plateau region has the maximum concentration of iron and steel industries.
(d) As a leading iron and steel producing country, India does not need to import steel from other countries

9. Sugar industries are migrating to the south and the west, because of
(a) cooler climate in these states
(b) success of cooperative movement in these states
(c) higher sucrose content in the sugar canes cultivated there
(d) All of these

10. Textile industry is an example of:
(a) Agro based industry
(b) Co-operative sector industry
(c) Mineral based industry
(d) Marine based industry

11. Agglomeration economies are found in the
(a) urban areas
(b) rural areas
(c) MNCs
(d) Foreign Trades

12. Which one of the following factors has once again opened the opportunity for jute product?
(a) Increasing concern for the use of biodegradable materials
(b) Increasing productivity
(c) Enhancing the yield per hectare
(d) Improving quality

13. Where was the first Cement Plant set up in India?
(a) Mumbai
(b) Kolkata
(c) Chennai
(d) Delhi

14. Which one of the following steel plants is located in Chhattisgarh?
(a) Bokaro
(b) Durgapur
(c) Bhilai
(d) Rourkela

15. Which one of the following cities is known as electronic capital of India?
(a) Srinagar
(b) Noida
(c) Bengaluru
(d) Pune

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