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1. Ribosomes are composed of

a) DNA and RNA

b) RNA and proteins

c) DNA and Proteins

d) RNA only

2. Amino acids are attached to the

a) acceptor arm of tRNA

b) anti-codon arm of tRNA

c) codon arm of tRNA

d) none of these

3. rRNA is synthesised in

a) nucleus

b) Cytoplasm

c) RER

d) Nucleolus

4. Nucleotides in RNA are joined by

a) 3’5’ phosphodiester bond

b) 3’4’ phosphodiester bond

c) 3’2’ phosphodiester bond

d) 3’6’ phosphodiester bond

5. Thymine in DNA is replaced by

a) Guanine in RNA

b) Adenine in RNA

c) Cytosine in RNA

d) Uracil in RNA

6. The most abundant type of RNA in the cell is

a) rRNA

b) mRNA

c) tRNA

d) hnRNA

7. Which of the following RNA serves as adaptor molecule during protein synthesis

a) rRNA

b) mRNA

c) tRNA

d) hnRNA

8. The sugar in RNA is

a) Deoxyribose

b) Ribose

c) Hexose

d) Fructose

9. cDNA is

a) complementary to mRNA

b) complementary to rRNA

c) complementary to tRNA

d) complementary to hnRNA

10. RNA is

a) Single stranded

b) Double stranded

c) Triple stranded

d) Both a and b

11. Ribozymes are

a) enzymes with catalytic activity

b) RNAs with catalytic activity

c) proteins with catalytic activity

d) nucleic acids with catalytic activity

12. RNA is primarily seen in

a) nucleus

b) Cytoplasm

c) RER

d) SER

13. Ribose sugar in RNA is

a) D-ribose

b) L-ribose

c) Both L and D form

d) None of these

14. Which of the virus has double stranded RNA as genetic material?

a) Tobacco mosaic virus

b) Influenza virus

c) Rous Sarcoma virus

d) Reoviruses

15. RNA is the genetic material in

a) Viruses only

b) In some viruses and some prokaryotes

c) In some viruses and some prokaryotes and rarely in eukaryotes

d) Only in some viruses

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