Cyber Law Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) & Answers

Cyber Law Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)& Answers Cyber Law

Cyber Law Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)& Answers

Cyber Law or IT Law is the law regarding Information-technology which includes computers and internet. Cyber Law is related to legal informatics and supervises the digital circulation of information, software, information security and e-commerce.

Importance of Cyber Law:

  1. It covers all transaction over internet.
  2. It keeps eyes on all activities over internet.
  3. It touches every action and every reaction in cyberspace.

Areas of Cyber Law:

The major areas of cyber law include:


Consumers depend on cyber laws to protect them from online fraud. Laws are made to prevent identity theft, credit card theft and other financial crimes that happen online. A person who commits identity theft may face confederate or state criminal charges.


Copyright violation is an area of cyber law that protects the rights of individuals and companies to profit from their own creative works.


Defamation laws are civil laws that save individuals from fake public statements that can harm a business or someone’s personal reputation. When people use the internet to make statements that violate civil laws is called Defamation law.

Harassment and Stalking:

When a person makes threatening statements again and again about someone else online, there is violation of both civil and criminal laws. Cyber lawyers both prosecute and defend people when stalking occurs using the internet and other forms of electronic communication.

Freedom of Speech:

Cyber lawyers must advise their clients on the limits of free speech including laws that prohibit obscenity. Cyber lawyers may also defend their clients when there is a debate about whether their actions consist of permissible free speech.

Trade Secrets:

Companies doing businesses online often depend on cyber laws to protect their trade secrets. They spend a great deal of time developing other features like maps, intelligent assistance and flight search services to name a few. Cyber laws help these companies to take legal action as necessary in order to protect their trade secrets.

Contracts and Employment Law:

Every time you click a button that says you agree to the terms and conditions of using a website, you have used cyber law. There are terms and conditions for every website that are somehow related to privacy concerns.

What are the Advantages of Cyber Law?

  1. Organizations are now able to carry out e-commerce using the legal infrastructure provided by the Act.
  2. Digital signatures have been given legal validity and sanction in the Act.
  3. It has opened the doors for the entry of corporate companies for issuing Digital Signatures Certificates in the business of being Certifying Authorities.
  4. It allows Government to issue notification on the web thus heralding e-governance.
  5. It gives authority to the companies or organizations to file any form, application or any other document with any office, authority, body or agency owned or controlled by the suitable Government in e-form by means of such e-form as may be prescribed by the suitable Government.
  6. The IT Act also addresses the important issues of security, which are so critical to the success of electronic transactions.


Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)& Answers

1 TCP/IP is composed of _______ number of layers.
A 2
B 3
C 4
D 5

Answer: 4
2 Trusted TCP/IP commands have the same needs & go through the identical verification process. Which of them is not a TCP/IP command?
A ftp
B rexec
C tcpexec
D telnet

Answer: tcpexec
3 Connection authentication is offered for ensuring that the remote host has the likely Internet Protocol (IP) ___________ & _________
A address, name
B address, location
C network, name
D network, location

Answer:address, name
4 Application layer sends & receives data for particular applications using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
A True
B False

Answer: True
5 TLS vulnerability is also known as Return of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat.
A True
B False

Answer: True
6 RoBOT is abbreviated as ___________
A Return of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Team
B Rise of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat
C Return of Bleichenbacher’s Operational Threat
D Return of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat

Answer: Return of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat
7 There are __________ different versions of IP popularly used.
A 2
B 3
C 4
D 5

Answer: 2
8 ____________ is an attack where the attacker is able to guess together with the sequence number of an in progress communication session & the port number.
A TCP Spoofing
B TCP Blind Spoofings
C IP Spoofing
D IP Blind Spoofing

Answer: TCP Blind Spoofings
9 ___________ is an attack technique where numerous SYN packets are spoofed with a bogus source address which is then sent to an inundated server.
A SYN flooding attack
B ACK flooding attack
C SYN & ACK flooding attack
D Packet flooding attack

Answer: SYN flooding attack
10 Unintentional data leakage can still result in the same penalties and reputational damage.
A True
B False

11 Which of them is not an attack done in the network layer of the TCP/IP model?
A MITM attack
B DoS attack
C Spoofing attack
D Shoulder surfing

Answer: Shoulder surfing
12 Which of them is not an appropriate method of router security?
A Unused ports should be blocked
B Unused interfaces and services should be disabled
C Routing protocol needs to be programmed by security experts
D Packet filtering needs to be enabled

Answer: Routing protocol needs to be programmed by security experts
13 Which 2 protocols are used in the Transport layer of the TCP/IP model?

Answer:TCP and UDP
14 Which of the protocol is not used in the network layer of the TCP/IP model?

Answer: HTTP
15 ____________ protocol attack is done in the data-link layer.

16 _____________ is the illicit transmission of data from inside an organization or personal system to an external location or recipient.
A Database hacking
B Data leakage
C Data cracking
D Data revealing

Answer: Data leakage
17 Data leakage threats do not usually occur from which of the following?
A Web and email
B Mobile data storage
C USB drives and laptops
D Television

Answer: Television
18 Data leakage is popularly known as ___________
A data theft
B data crack
C low and slow data theft
D slow data theft

Answer: low and slow data theft
19 There are __________ major types of data leakage.
A 2
B 3
C 4
D 5

Answer: 3
20 “Unauthorized” data leakage doesn’t essentially mean intended or malicious.
A True
B False

Answer: True
21 ________________ helps in protecting businesses against data breaches that may make threats to cloud.
A Centrify
B Mailbox Exchange Recovery
C Nessus
D Dashline

Answer: Centrify
22 __________ is a popular corporate security tool that is used to detect the attack on email with cloud only services.
A Cain and Abel
B Proofpoint
C Angry IP Scanner
D Ettercap

Answer: Proofpoint
23 _____________ helps in protecting corporate data, communications and other assets.
A Snort
B CipherCloud
C Burp Suit
D Wireshark

24 _________ framework made cracking of vulnerabilities easy like point and click.
A .Net
B Metasploit
C Zeus
D Ettercap

Answer: Metasploit
25 Nmap is abbreviated as Network Mapper.
A True
B False

26 __________ is a popular tool used for discovering networks as well as in security auditing.
A Ettercap
B Metasploit
C Nmap
D Burp Suit

Answer: Nmap
27 Which of this Nmap do not check?
A services different hosts are offering
B on what OS they are running
C what kind of firewall is in use
D what type of antivirus is in use

Answer:what type of antivirus is in use
28 Which of the following deals with network intrusion detection and real-time traffic analysis?
A John the Ripper
B L0phtCrack
C Snort
D Nessus

Answer: Snort
29 Wireshark is a ____________ tool.
A network protocol analysis
B network connection security
C connection analysis
D defending malicious packet-filtering

Answer: network protocol analysis
30 Which of the below-mentioned tool is used for Wi-Fi hacking?
A Wireshark
B Nessus
C Aircrack-ng
D Snort

Answer: Aircrack-ng
31 Which of them is not a vulnerability scanning tool?
A Nexpose
B Nessus Professional
C Snort
D Nikto Web scanner

Answer: Snort
32 There are _______ major ways of stealing email information.
A 2
B 3
C 4
D 5

33 Which of them is not a major way of stealing email information?
A Stealing cookies
B Reverse Engineering
C Password Phishing
D Social Engineering

Answer: Reverse Engineering
34 ____________ is the method for keeping sensitive information in email communication & accounts secure against unofficial access, loss, or compromise.
A Email security
B Email hacking
C Email protection
D Email safeguarding

Answer: Email security
35 _____________ is a famous technological medium for the spread of malware, facing problems of spam, & phishing attacks.
A Cloud
B Pen drive
C Website
D Email

36 Which of them is not a proper method for email security?
A Use Strong password
B Use email Encryption
C Spam filters and malware scanners
D Click on unknown links to explore

Answer: Click on unknown links to explore
37 If a website uses a cookie, or a browser contains the cookie, then every time you visit that website, the browser transfers the cookie to that website.
A True
B False

Answer: True
38 The stored cookie which contains all your personal data about that website can be stolen away by _____________ using _____________ or trojans.
A attackers, malware
B hackers, antivirus
C penetration testers, malware
D penetration testers, virus

Answer: attackers, malware
39 If the data stored in the _____________ is not encrypted, then after cookie stealing, attackers can see information such as username and password stored by the cookie.
A memory
B quarantine
C cookies
D hard drive

40 Which of the following is a non-technical type of intrusion or attack technique?
A Reverse Engineering
B Malware Analysis
C Social Engineering
D Malware Writing

Answer: Social Engineering
41 Aircrack-ng is used for ____________
A Firewall bypassing
B Wi-Fi attacks
C Packet filtering
D System password cracking

Answer: Wi-Fi attacks
42 _____________ is a popular IP address and port scanner.
A Cain and Abel
B Snort
C Angry IP Scanner
D Ettercap

Answer: Angry IP Scanner
43 _______________ is a popular tool used for network analysis in multiprotocol diverse network.
A Snort
B SuperScan
C Burp Suit
D EtterPeak

Answer: EtterPeak
44 ____________ scans TCP ports and resolves different hostnames.
A SuperScan
B Snort
C Ettercap
D QualysGuard

45 ___________ is a web application assessment security tool.
B WebInspect
C Ettercap
D QualysGuard

Answer: WebInspect
46 Which of the following attack-based checks WebInspect cannot do?
A cross-site scripting
B directory traversal
C parameter injection
D injecting shell code

Answer: injecting shell code
47 ________ is a password recovery and auditing tool.
C Network Stumbler
D Maltego

48 L0phtCrack is formerly known as LC3.
A True
B False

Answer: False
49 ___________ is a weakness that can be exploited by attackers.
A System with Virus
B System without firewall
C System with vulnerabilities
D System with a strong password

Answer: System with vulnerabilities
50 _________ is the sum of all the possible points in software or system where unauthorized users can enter as well as extract data from the system.
A Attack vector
B Attack surface
C Attack point
D Attack arena

Answer: Attack surface