Cell Membrane Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers

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Cell Membrane Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers

1 Cell theory is not applicable to _________
a Virus
b Micro organisms
c Fungi
d Algae
Answer: Virus
2 Glycocalyx is associated with ___________
a Cell wall
b Plasma membrane
c Nucleus
d Ribosomes
Answer: Plasma membrane
3 Cristae are associated with?
a Mitochondria
b Cytoplasm
c Vacuole
d Ribosomes
Answer: Mitochondria
4 Histone octamere contains ____________
a 8 types of histones
b 5 types of histones
c 6 types of histones
d 8 histones of four different types
Answer: 8 histones of four different types
5 Which of the following is the simplest amino acid?
a Glycine
b Alanine
c Aspergine
d Tyrosine
Answer: Glycine
6 Polythene chromosomes are found due to?
a Mitosis
b Endomixes
c Endomitosis
d Meiosis
Answer: Endomitosis
7 The animal cells are interconnected by _________
a Cell wall
b Desmosomes
c Plasma membrane
d Plasmodesmata
Answer: Desmosomes
8 Sodium and potassium pumps are examples of __________
a Passive transport
b Plasmolysis
c Active transport
d Osmosis
Answer: Active transport
9 Cell drinking is ____________
a Exocytosis
b Endocytosis
c Pinocytosis
d Phagocytosis
Answer: Pinocytosis
10 Centrioles take part in the formation of ___________
a Cell plate
b Spindle
c Nucleus
d None of the Above
Answer: Spindle
11 Who discovered cell in 1665?
a Robert Hook
b Robert Crook
c David Thomson
d Marie Francois
Answer: Robert Hook
12 Name the process in which the ingestion of material by the cells is done through the plasma membrane?
a Egestion
b Diffusion
c Osmosis
d Endocytosis
Answer: Endocytosis
13 Which among the following sentence is not correct about the organelles?
a They are found in all Eukaryotic cells
b They are found in multicellular organisms
c They coordinate to produce the cell
d They are small sized and mostly internal
Answer: They are found in multicellular organisms
14 The jelly like substance present inside the cell is known as:
a Cytoplasm
b Ectoplasm
c Nucleoplasm
d None of the above
Answer: Cytoplasm
15 Name an organism which contains single chromosome and cell division occurs through fission or budding?
a Eukaryotes
b Prokaryotes
c Bacteria
d None of the above
Answer: Prokaryotes
16 Name the process in which the passage of water goes from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration through a semi permeable membrane?
a Diffusion
b Osmosis
c Both a) and b)
d Neither a) nor b)
Answer: Osmosis
17 r-RNA is synthesized by __________
a Cytoplasm
b Golgi body
c Nucleolus
d Nucleus
Answer: Nucleolus
18 Detoxification of lipid drugs and other harmful compounds in ER is carried out by?
a Cytochrome P450
b Cytochrome bf
c Cytochrome D
d Cytochrome F
Answer: Cytochrome P450
19 Digestive enzymes are present in __________
a Liposomes
b Lysosomes
c Ribosome
d Mitochondria
Answer: Lysosomes
20 Which among the following is known as mitoplast?
a Mitochondria without outer membrane
b Mitochondria without inner membrane
c Mitochondria without membranes
d None Of The Above
Answer: Mitochondria without outer membrane
21 Name the process in which the membrane of a vesicle can fuse with the plasma membrane and extrude its contents to the surrounding medium?
a Exocytosis
b Endocytosis
c Osmosis
d Diffusion
Answer: Exocytosis
22 Blue green Algae are:
a Prokaryotes
b Eukaryotes
c Both a) and b)
d Neither a) nor b)
Answer: Prokaryotes
23 Name the outer most boundary of the cell?
a Plasma membrane
b Cytoplasm
c Nuclear membrane
d None of the above
Answer: Plasma membrane
24 Name an Organelle which serves as a primary packaging area for molecules that will be distributed throughout the cell?
a Mitochondria
b Plastids
c Golgi apparatus
d Vacuole
Answer: Golgi apparatus
25 Amyloplasts are articles storing _________
a Fats
b Proteins
c Lipids
d Starch
Answer: Starch

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