Cell Membrane Vs Cell Wall

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Cell Membrane Vs Cell Wall

1. Cell wall is metabolically inactive and non living. Cell membrane is metabolically active and living.
2. Cell wall is the outermost layer in plant cell and occurs as a protective covering surrounding the plasma membrane. Cell memrane is the outermost layer in animal cell and occurs as a semi permeable covering surrounding the protoplasm.
3. Cell wall is made up of cellulose in plant and of peptidoglycan in bacterium and made up of chitin in fungi.Plasma membrane is made up of lipids proteins and small amount of carbohydrates.
4. Cell wall is a rigid, thick structure (4-20 uM) and visible in light microscope. Cell membrane is delicate, thin structure (5-10 nm wide) visible only in electron microscope.
5. Cell wall is completely permeable to ordinary macromolecules . Cell membrane is selectively permeable or semi- permeable allowing only certain molecules to pass through.
6. Cell wall determines the cell shape and offers protection. Cell membrane protect the protoplasm and maintains a constant internal environment to the protoplasm.
7. Cell wall is present only in plant cell. Cell membrane is present in plant cells as well as in animal cell.

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