Importance of the Cell Membrane

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Importance of the Cell Membrane

The cell membrane could be considered the single most important feature of a living cell. It’s composed of several types of triglyceride and other molecules that form a bilayer separating the cell from the extra cellular space around it.

The membrane allows the cell to manipulate the ions it brings in and releases, both actively and passively. This is the reason that a cell can survive and it can create the perfect environment (pH and ion concentrations) for the cell machinery to operate to reproduce DNA and the cell itself. Without the proper intake of ions and other cofactors, the proteins inside the cell couldn’t function.

Cells often have machinery that allows them to interact with other cells ( some of which are located on the membrane to come into contact with other cells. These come into as cells can inject small DNA molecules (plasmids) into other cells, potentially giving them some form of resistance or a helpful gene.

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