Physical Structure of Cell Membrane Vs Physical Structure of Cell wall

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Physical Structure of Cell Membrane Vs Physical Structure of Cell wall

Physical Structure of Cell Membrane:

(i) It is thin , soft,flexible and living.
(ii) It is semi-permeable.
(iii) It is also a three layered structure and the layers are the outer-protein layer, intermediate lipid layer and inner protein layer.
(iv) It is a unit membrame.
(v) Desmosomes are present .
(vi) Cell membrame is uniform thus no ornamentation is seen.

Physical Structure of Cell wall:

(i) It is thick, rigid,elastic and non-living.
(ii) It is permeable.
(iii) It consists of three different layers such as middle lamella,primary wall and secondary wall.
(iv) It is not a unit cell.
(v) Plasmodesmata are present.
(vi) Cell wall is ornamented.

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