Role of Proteins within the Cell membrane

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Role of Proteins within the Cell membrane

Proteins are one of the most important bio-molecules in the cells. They have several functions such as:
1. Structural function: Provide shape and structure to the cells. Such as: cytoskeleton constituting the actins, microtubules and microfilaments.
2. Enzymatic actions: All the enzymes are proteins except the Ribozymes.
3. Cell- cell adhesion: ECM(Extracellular matrix), Junctions, Integrin etc.
4. Transport channels: Most of trans-membrane proteins forms channels and allow certain specific or non-specific molecules to transfer through it.
5. Cell-cell recognition: Glycoprotein and other periphery proteins on the cell membrane are required for cell recognition and communication.
6. Maintenance of Cell membrane Integrity.
7. Several physiological roles such as excretion, Digestion, respiration we require proteins.
8. Transportation of molecules/ Vesicles(Kinesins, Dynien etc.)
9. Signalling and regulating several biochemical process of the cells

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