Various types of proteins within the Cell membrane

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Various types of proteins within the Cell membrane

In the cell membrane, there are various types of proteins. The names and functions of a few examples are listed as follows:

1. Channel protein: They span the entire membrane and form pores through which water, ions and water-soluble substances can pass.

2. Carrier protein: They are involved in active transport, which is the movement of molecules across a cell membrane with the use of energy from respiration against the concentration gradient – from a region of their lower concentration to a region of their higher concentration. (However, please note that it is also possible for active transport to move substances along the concentration gradient. This, again, requires energy, unlike normal diffusion.)

3. Enzymes: They act as catalysts and control chemical reactions in the cell.

4. Receptor proteins: They bind with specific chemicals (e.g. hormones), which can then trigger or inhibit certain cell activitie.

5. Glycoprotein: They are proteins with carbohydrate molecules attached to their surface. They act as recognition markers.

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