Bacillus subtilis of Cell wall

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Bacillus subtilis of Cell wall

B. subtilis has a thick and tough cell wall that is rich in Peptidoglycan and very low on lipid. This cell wall has pores that retain structural integrity even when washed with strong alcohol or acetone. That is why the cells retain the Crystal Violet-Iodine conjugate after being washed with de-colorizer (alcohol-acetone). Later when the Counter-stain dye is applied, the dye doesn’t get into the pores in the cell wall (because those are preoccupied with CV-I) and the cells remain purple in color hence Gram Positive.

If the cell wall of a bacteria has cell wall that is not rich in Peptidogycan and rich in lipid, it would not retain Crystal Violet-Iodine conjugate in face of alcohol washing and would leave empty pore spaces for being taken up by any counter-stain applied afterwards, making them Gram negative.

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