Cell wall function

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Cell wall function

1. The cell wall provides the mechanical support to a living cell. It also controls the direction of cell growth.
2. It proves a porous medium for the circulation and distribution of water, minerals, and other small nutrient molecules
3. Turgor pressure is the force exerted against the cell wall as the contents of the cell push the plasma membrane against the cell wall. This pressure helps a plant to remain rigid and erect, but can also cause a cell to rupture.
4. Providing rigid building blocks from which stable structures of higher order, such as leaves and stems, can be produced
5. It provides a storage site of regulatory molecules that sense the presence of pathogenic microbes and control the development of tissues.
6. The cell wall sends signals for the cell to enter the cell cycle in order to divide and grow.
7. The cell wall provides a barrier to protect against plant viruses and other pathogens. It also helps to prevent water loss.

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