CBSE Class 9 Geography General Awareness Questions with Answers

CBSE Class 9 Geography Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers CBSE Class 9 Geography QUESTIONS

CBSE Class 9 Geography General Awareness Questions with Answers

1 The largest delta in the world is :
A Sunderban Delta
B Godavari
C Ganga Delta
D Mahanadi Delta

Answer: Sunderban Delta
2 Which one of the following is the most significant feature of the Indian population?
A Improvement in health conditions
B Improvement in the literacy level
C Declining birth rate
D None of these

Answer: Declining birth rate
3 In which year Wildlife Protection Act, was implemented in India?
A 1972
B 1975
C 1971
D None of the above

Answer: 1972
4 Cinchona, rubber, mahogany, ebony are important trees of
A Tropical rainforests
B Montane forests
C Mangrove forests
D Tropical deciduous trees

Answer: Tropical rainforests
5 Which position India occupies at world level in plant diversity?
A tenth
B fiftieth
C first
D twelfth

Answer: tenth

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