CBSE Class 9 Geography very short Questions & Answers

CBSE Class 9 Geography Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers CBSE Class 9 Geography QUESTIONS

CBSE Class 9 Geography very short Questions & Answers

1 What was the population density of India according to 2001?
A 324 person/km2
B 24 person/km2
C 124 person/km2
D None of these

Answer: 324 person/km2
2 How many types of plant species are found in India?
A About 20,000
B About 47,000
C About 45,000
D About 40,000

Answer: About 47,000
3 Which of the following trees is used for treating blood pressure?
A Sarpagandha
B Neem
C Jamun
D Arjun

Answer: Sarpagandha
4 How many biosphere reserves do we have in India?
A 20
B 14
C 16
D 18

Answer: 14
5 Silver Fir is found in the following type of vegetation zone:
A Montane forests
B Deciduous forests
C Mangrove forests
D Thorn forests

Answer: Montane forests
6 Which is the natural habitat of the Indian lion?
A Decidious forest in Madhya Pradesh
B Sundarban delta in Bengal
C Gir forest in Gujarat
D None of these

Answer: Gir forest in Gujarat
7 In which of the following state is the Simlipal bio-reserve located?
A Orissa
B West Bengal
C Punjab
D Delhi

Answer: Orissa
8 Monsoons retreat during the months of:
A October and November
B November and December
C July and August
D August and September

Answer: October and November
9 The ‘Coriolis force’ is caused due to:
A the Earth’s rotation
B cyclone depressions
C wind movements
D jet streams

Answer: the Earth’s rotation
10 The term monsoon is originated from?
A Arabic
B Latin
C German
D Hindi

Answer: Arabic

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