CBSE Class 10 Geography Short Questions & Answers

CBSE Class 10 Geography Short Questions & Answers CBSE Class 10 Geography QUESTIONS

CBSE Class 10 Geography Short Questions & Answers

1 Narmada Bachao Andolan is related to :
A Tehri
B Bhakra Nangal
C Sardar Sarovar
D Rihand

Answer: Sardar Sarovar
2 Bamboo drip irrigation is prevalent in which of the following state?
A Meghalaya
B Madhya Pradesh
C Rajastahan
D Karnataka

Answer: Meghalaya
3 Which one of the following crops is known as ‘Golden Fibre’?
A Jute
B Groundnut
C Wheat
D Rice

Answer: Jute
4 Hoe, dao, digging sticks are associated with
A Horticulture
B Green Revolution
C Primitive subsistence farming
D Commercial farming

Answer: Primitive subsistence farming
5 The rearing of silkworms for the production of silk fibre is known as :
A Agriculture
B Sericulture
C Horticulture
D None of the above

Answer: Sericulture
6 Cultivation of fruits and Vegetables is called :
A Horticulture
B Agriculture
C Floriculture
D Sericulture

Answer: Horticulture
7 Which of the following crops is not a millet?
A Maize
B Bajra
C Jowar
D None of these

Answer: Maize
8 At present, there are about ___ hectares of degraded land in India.
A 130 million
B 310 million
C 13 million
D 30 million

Answer: 130 million
9 Which among the following is a type of resource classified on the basis of exhaustability:
A renewable and non-renewable
B potential and reserves
C biotic and abiotic
D national and individual

Answer: renewable and non-renewable
10 ‘Laterite’ has been derived from the greek word ‘later’ which means:
A Brick
B Stone
C Rock
D Mountain

Answer: Brick

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