Class 11 Biology Entrance Exams Questions and Answers

Class 11 Biology Entrance Exams Questions and Answers Class 11 Biology QUESTIONS

Class 11 Biology Entrance Exams Questions and Answers

1 Which of the following is involved in the spread of malaria ?
A Bacterium
B Bad Air
C Virus
D Mosquito

Answer: Mosquito
2 The statement made by a scientist, which may be the possible answer to the problem.
A Deduction
B Theory
C Hypothesis
D Law

Answer: Hypothesis
3 Pollution of our surroundings in the recent past has resulted because of:
A Rapid industrialization
B Biological Research
C Information Technology
D Forestation

Answer: Rapid industrialization
4 Anatomy deals with the study of:
A Relationship between organisms and their environment
B Development of an organism from a fertilized egg or zygote
C Structure and function of molecular components of the cell
D Internal organs of organisms

Answer: Internal organs of organisms
5 Taxonomy is the study of:
A Functions of different parts of organisms
B Naming and classification of organisms
C Hereditary characters
D Structure and functions of cells

Answer: Naming and classification of organisms
6 Man has been able to produce food in greater quantities due to advancement in:
A Mathematics
B Biology
C Physics
D Space Biology

Answer: Biology
7 Amino Acids in Insulin molecules are arranged in:
A One polypeptide chain
B Two Polypeptide chains
C Three polypeptide chains
D Four polypeptide chains

Answer: Two Polypeptide chains
8 They catalyze biological reactions in the form of enzymes:
A Glucose
B Sucrose
C Proteins
D Terpenoids

Answer: Proteins
9 In lytic life cycle bacterial cell:
A Continues its normal life processes
B Bursts and dies
C Starts division
D Forms endospore

Answer: Bursts and dies
10 They fix atmospheric Nitrogen:
A Virus
B Fungi
C Bacteria
D Both A & B

Answer: Bacteria

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