Class 11 Biology Objective type Questions & Answers

Class 11 Biology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers Class 11 Biology QUESTIONS

Class 11 Biology Objective type Questions & Answers

1 When a bacteriophage, in its lytic phase carries some of the bacterium’s partially digested chromosome with it to another host cell, the process is called:
A transformation
B transduction
C transportation
D conjugation

Answer: transduction
2 It is a site of certain metabolic pathways:
A Cell wall
B Plasma membrane
C Cytoplasm
D A & B

Answer: Cytoplasm
3 It is the first to be formed:
A Primary wall
B Secondary wall
C Tertiary wall
D Middle lamella

Answer: Primary wall
4 It is a true cell wall in a newly growing cell:
A Primary wall
B Plasma membrane
C Secondary wall
D Middle lamella

Answer: Primary wall
5 Many substances that are not needed constantly enter the cell by:
A Passive transport
B Active transport
C Negative transport
D Fast transport

Answer: Active transport
6 Mycorrhiza is association of:
A Root-fungus
B Stem-fungus
C Alga-fungus
D Bacteria-fungus

Answer: Root-fungus
7 Sexual reproduction in which small male gamete is motile while the large female gamete is immotile is called:
A Isogamy
B Anisogamy
C Oogamy
D Karyogamy

Answer: Karyogamy
8 Ulva is:
A Unicellular
B Filamentous
C Tubular
D None of these

Answer: Unicellular
9 Which of the following is a human disease caused by Fungi?
A Powdery mildew
B Ring worm
C Rusts
D Downy mildew

Answer: Ring worm
10 Smut is caused by:
A Fungi
B Plasmodium
C Virus
D Bacteria

Answer: Fungi

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