Class 11 Biology Short Questions & Answers

Class 11 Biology Short Questions & Answers Class 11 Biology QUESTIONS

Class 11 Biology Short Questions & Answers

1 Amino acids (proteins) are present in the cell walls of:
A Bacteria
B Angiosperms
C Mosses
D Gymnosperms

Answer: Bacteria
2 They are absent in higher plants:
A Centrioles
B Plastids
C Cell Membranes
D Golgi Apparatus

Answer: Centrioles
3 Proteins are synthesized in the:
A Ribosomes
B Mitochondria
C Nucleus
D Nucleolus

Answer: Ribosomes
4 The 60S and 40S subunits on attachment with each other form:
A 100S particle
B 90S particle
C 80S particle
D 70S particle

Answer: 80S particle
5 Morphologically Endoplasmic Reticulum exists in:
A Four forms
B Three forms
C Two forms
D One form

Answer: Three forms
6 Sporophyte generation produces:
A Embryo
B Zygote
C Spores
D Gametes

Answer: Spores
7 Mycorrhizal association is:
A Chlorophytic
B Symbiotic
C Saprophytic
D Parasitic

Answer: Symbiotic
8 Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum helps to:
A Synthesize proteins
B Detoxify the harmful drugs
C Prepare food
D Decompose proteins

Answer: Detoxify the harmful drugs
9 Robert Hooke examined thin slices of cork made up of the bark of:
A Pine
B Sheesham
C Oak
D Mulberry

Answer: Oak
10 They play a role in the making of dairy products:
A Viruses
B Bacteria
C Algae
D Plasmodium

Answer: Bacteria

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