Class 11 Biology very short Questions & Answers

Class 11 Biology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers Class 11 Biology QUESTIONS

Class 11 Biology very short Questions & Answers

1 The water percentage of cytosol in the cytoplasm is:
A 50
B 60
C 70
D 90

Answer: 90
2 Mycelium is a term used for:
A Mass of hyphae
B Zoospores
C Mass of sporangia
D Mass of spores

Answer: Mass of hyphae
3 Euglena is an animal because it lacks:
A Cell wall
B Cell membrane
C Chloroplast
D Nucleus

Answer: Cell wall
4 The number of chromosomes in the cells of the Sporophyte plant body of Ulva is:
A Diploid
B Triploid
C Teraploid
D Monoploid

Answer: Diploid
5 The chromosome number in the gametes of Ulva is:
A Monoploid
B Teraploid
C Triploid
D Diploid

Answer: Monoploid
6 Which of the following is used in cheese production:
A Neurospora
B Penecillium
C Rhizopus
D Amanita

Answer: Penecillium
7 The spores of Rhizopus are:
A Non-motile
B Flagellate
C Naked
D Motile

Answer: Non-motile
8 virus that can reproduce without killing its host is called:
A lytic virus
B retroactive virus
C temprate virus
D virion

Answer: temprate virus
9 Under ideal condition a bacterial cell divides about every 20 minutes. It takes 200 minutes to fill a culture tube. How much time will it take to fill a test tube of double size.
A 400 minutes
B 220 minutes
C 240 minutes
D 300 minutes

Answer: 220 minutes
10 In blue-green algae nitrogen fixation occurs in specialized cells called:
A Harmogonia
B Akinetes
C Heterocysts
D Zygospores

Answer: Heterocysts

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