NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Gk Questions & Answers

NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Gk Questions & Answers NCERT Class 11 Chemistry QUESTIONS

NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Gk Questions & Answers

11 The concept of an electrolyte in water was described by
A Arrhenius
B Debye
C Faraday
D Ohm

Answer: Arrhenius
12 The acid present in lemon is
A citric acid
B tartaric acid
C lactic acid
D marlic acid

Answer: citric acid
13 The chemical used as a fixer in photography is
A sodium sulphate
B borax
C sodium thiosulphate
D ammonium sulphate

Answer: sodium thiosulphate
14 Which variety of glass is heat resistant?
A pyrex glass
B hard glass
C bottle glass
D flint glass

Answer: pyrex glass
15 The chemicals used as a fixer in phosphorous is
A borax
B sodium thiosulpahte
C sodium sulphate
D ammonium persulphate

Answer: sodium thiosulpahte
16 Which metal was first used by man?
A Brass
B Gold
C Aluminium
D Iron

Answer: Aluminium
17 Which among the following gases is used to manufacture chloroform?
A Radon
B Methane
C Propane
D Ether

Answer: Methane
18 For Which one of the following is the density maximum ?
A Water
B Ice
C Chloroform
D Benzene

Answer: Water
19 What is the main constituent of coal gas?
A Methane
B Nitrogen
C Oxygen
D Water

Answer: Methane
20 The solute in a solution can be separated by
A decantation
B evaporation
C filtration
D sedimentation

Answer: evaporation

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