NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Examinations Questions and Answers

NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Examinations Questions and Answers NCERT Class 12 Chemistry QUESTIONS

NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Examinations Questions and Answers

121 The monomer of polystyrene is

Answer: C6H5CH=CH2
122 Which is favourable for physical adsorption?
A Low T and high P
B T and P do not affect
C High T and high P
D High T and low P

Answer: Low T and high P
123 If cone, of reactant ‘A’ is increased 10 times and rate of reaction becomes 100 times. What is order with respect to ‘A’?
A -1
B 1
C 4
D 3

Answer: 1
124 A conductivity cell containing electrodes made up of
A Gold
B Silver
C Platinised platinum
D Copper

Answer: Platinised platinum
125 Ag+(aq) + e– → Ag(s) E° = + 0.80 V Fe2+(aq)+ + 2e– → Fe(s) E° = – 0.44 V What is emf of Fe(s) + 2Ag+(aq) → Fe2+(aq) + 2Ag(s)
A 1.16 V
B 1.24 V
C 2.04 V
D -1.16 V

Answer: 1.24 V
126 A new galvanic cell of E^u more than E°dl of Daniel cell is connected to Daniel cell in a manner that new cell gives electrons to cathode, what will happen
A Ecell will increase
B Ecell will decrease
C No change will take place
D Daniel cell will work as electrolytic cell where Zn will be deposite on zinc rod and copper will dissolve from copper rod.

Answer: Ecell will decrease
127 The number of moles of NaCl in 3 litres of 3M solution is
A 9
B 27
C 1
D 3

Answer: 9
128 The molality of pure water is
A 60.5
B 55.5
C 50.5
D 18

Answer: 55.5
129 If E°Fe2+/Fe = -0.441 V and E°Fe2+/Fe2+ = 0.771 V, the standard EMF of the reaction, Fe + 2Fe3+ → 3Fe2+ will be
A 1.212 V
B 1.653 V
C 0.111 V
D 0.330 V

Answer: 1.212 V
130 The reaction, 3ClO– (aq) → ClO3 (aq) + 2Cl– (aq) is an example of
A Oxidation reaction
B Reduction reaction
C Disproportionation reaction
D Decomposition reaction

Answer: Disproportionation reaction

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