NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Question bank and Answers

NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Question bank and Answers NCERT Class 12 Chemistry QUESTIONS

NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Question bank and Answers

101 Osmotic pressure of a solution is 0.0821 atm at a temperature of 300 K. The concentration in moles/litre will be
A 0.33
B 0.666
C 0.3 × 10-2
D None

Answer: 0.3 × 10-2
102 The best coagulant for the precipitation of Fe(OH)3 sol is
A Na3PO4
B Na2SO4

Answer: Na3PO4
103 Which of the following statements is not true?
A Natural rubber is frans-polyisoprene
B Vulcanisation makes rubber hard due to cross linkages with sulphur.
C Buna-S is addition copolymer of butadiene and styrene
D Natural rubber is cis 1, 4-polymer of isoprene

Answer: Natural rubber is frans-polyisoprene
104 The boiling point of an azeotropic mixture of water and ethanol is less than that of water and ethanol. The mixture shows
A no deviation from Raoult’s Law.
B positive deviation from Raoult’s Law.
C negative deviation from Raoult’s Law.
D that the solution is unsaturated.

Answer: positive deviation from Raoult’s Law.
105 Identify the positively charged colloid.
A Haemoglobin
B Gold sol
C As2S3
D Clay

Answer: Haemoglobin
106 The vitamin present in oils and fats are
A A and C
B A and D
C B and C
D A and B

Answer: A and D
107 RNA and DNA are chiral molecules, their chirality is due to
A chiral bases
B chiral phosphate units
C D-sugar component
D L-sugar component

Answer: D-sugar component
108 The term ‘sorption’ stands for ___________ .
A adsorption
B absorption
C both absorption and adsorption
D desorption

Answer: both absorption and adsorption
109 A basic amino acid among the following is
A histidine
B leucine
C glycine
D valine

Answer: histidine
110 Mole fraction of glycerine C3H5(OH)3 in solution containing 36 g of water and 46 g of glycerine is
A 0.40
B 0.46
C 0.36
D 0.20

Answer: 0.20

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