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Here is a compilation of some important Assam History MCQ questions with answers for the upcoming APSC, DHS Assam, Assam Direct Recruitment Examinations, Assam Police SI, and Constable exams. These questions have been designed to boost your knowledge regarding History for Assam Police SI and Constable examinations. The short answers given below each question will help you plan out your preparation strategy for the exam.

Assam History MCQ and Answers with FREE PDF

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Assam History MCQ and Answers

1. What was the usual shape of Koch coins in Assam History?

  1. Square
  2. Round
  3. Oval
  4. Hexagonal

Answer: Round

2. Which Ahom king introduced the Posa system?

  1. Pratap Singha
  2. Sukapha
  3. Rudra Singha
  4. Suhungmung

Answer: Pratap Singha

3. Who was the earliest king of Pragjyotisha?

  1. Mahiranga Danava
  2. Narakasura
  3. Bhaskar-varman
  4. None of these

Answer: Mahiranga Danava

4. The ambassador name sent by Bhaskarvarman to Harshabardhan was

  1. Vayu
  2. Meghadut
  3. Hangsavega
  4. Varuna

Answer: Hangsavega

5. The Koch coins were known as

  1. Tanka
  2. Mohar
  3. Mudra
  4. Narayani

Answer: Narayani

6. Name of the first Ahom King was

  1. Sukapha
  2. Suteupha
  3. Subinpha
  4. Sukhampha

Answer: Sukhampha

7. The Ahom ruler was first to turn the Kachari Kings as Thapita and Sanchita was

  1. Suhungmumg
  2. Jaydhawj Singha
  3. Rudra Shingha
  4. Pratap Shinga

Answer: Suhungmumg

8. ‘Dasya-bhab’ adopted by

  1. Madhab Deva
  2. Chandi Bar
  3. Sankardeva
  4. Khersuti Ai

Answer: Sankardeva

9. The first Ahom Barbarua was

  1. Lachit
  2. Momai Tamuli
  3. Badanchandra
  4. Langi Panihya

Answer: Momai Tamuli

10. Darrangraj Vansavali is by

  1. Pandit Vidyavinod
  2. Kaviratna Saraswati
  3. Durgabor Kayastha
  4. Baladev Suryahkari Doibojna

Answer: Baladev Suryahkari Doibojna

11. Raghudeva was the son of

  1. Vishwa Singha
  2. Chilarai
  3. Haria Mandal
  4. Narnararyan

Answer: Chilarai

12. The battle of Saraighat was fought between

  1. The Burmas and the Koches
  2. The Ahoms and Mughals
  3. The Ahoms and the Kacharies
  4. The Mughals and the Koches

Answer: The Ahoms and Mughals

13. Which Pala king built Sri-Durjaya as the capital on the bank of Brahmaputra?

  1. Bhaskar Varman
  2. Ratnapala
  3. Niti Pal
  4. Rudra Singha

Answer: Ratnapala

14. In 1585 Koch kingdom was visited by an English traveler. What was his name?

  1. Tavemier
  2. Ralph Fitch
  3. Nicolo Conti
  4. None of these

Answer: Ralph Fitch

15. The Pasupatinath temple inscription in Nepal refers to “Gaudradi Kalingkashala Patti”. Who was he?

  1. Sri Harsha Dev
  2. Harshavardhan
  3. Bhaskar Varman
  4. Yasovarman

Answer: Sri Harsha Dev

16. Sadhani was the last queen of :

  1. Pala king
  2. Moran king
  3. Chutia king
  4. Kachari king

Answer: Chutia king

17. What was the similarity among Hem Saraswati, Kaviratna Saraswati and Hari Har Bipra?

  1. All were Kamrupi Spies
  2. All were Kamrupi Poets
  3. All were Kamrupi Priests
  4. All were Kamrupi Sadagars

Answer: All were Kamrupi Poets

18. Which Ahom king excavated the Joysagar tank in memory of his mother Joymoti at Rangpur?

  1. Siva Singha
  2. Rajeswar Singha
  3. Rudra Singha
  4. Godhadhar Singha

Answer: Rudra Singha

19. The name of the first Barbarua of Ahom kingdom was:

  1. Rupchand Barbarua
  2. Momai Tamuli
  3. Laluksola Borphukan
  4. None of them

Answer: Momai Tamuli

20. Which is the tallest existing temple in Assam?

  1. Umananda temple at Guwahati
  2. Kamakhya temple at Silghat
  3. Siva temple at Sibsagar
  4. Siva temple at Dergaon

Answer: Siva temple at Sibsagar

21. Dimapur was the capital of the

  1. Kachari kings
  2. Ahom kings
  3. Bhuyans
  4. Chutia kings

Answer: Kachari kings

22. Two Ahom kings were known as Burah Raja. One was Pratap Singha among the two and the other was?

  1. Sukapha
  2. Supinpha
  3. Rudra Singha
  4. Gadadhar Singha

Answer: Gadadhar Singha

23. Which king conducted the first organised population census in Assam?

  1. Suhungmung
  2. Sukapha
  3. Rudra Singha
  4. Sukampha

Answer: Suhungmung

24. Who was the first Principal of Cotton College?

  1. Miles Branson
  2. Nathan Brown
  3. William Cotton
  4. Frederic William Sudmerson

Answer: Frederic William Sudmerson

25. The Ahom name of Gadadhar Singha was

  1. Supatpha
  2. Sulikpha
  3. Suhungmung
  4. Subinpha

Answer: Supatpha

26. Sayed Shah Milan was popularly known by which name in Assam?

  1. Ajan Fakir
  2. Jonab
  3. Muhammad
  4. Nasuriddin

Answer: Ajan Fakir

27. Three-shaped coins are used in the Ahom kingdom. Two of these are round and square. What was the other shape?

  1. Octagonal
  2. Traingular
  3. Hexagonal
  4. Pentagonal

Answer: Octagonal

28. In which year Jorhat was founded?

  1. 1818
  2. 1864
  3. 1884
  4. 1898

Answer: 1884

29. Where is the capital of the Pala king Ratnapala located

  1. Pragjyotishpur
  2. Harupeswar
  3. Kamrupanagar
  4. Sri Duriya

Answer: Sri Duriya

30. The first Assamese monthly issued by the Baptist missionary was

  1. Abahan
  2. Orunodoi
  3. Ramdhenu
  4. Bahin

Answer: Orunodoi

31. Which of the following supervised when King Naranarayan reconstructing the temple of Kamakhya?

  1. Chila Raj
  2. Gohain Kamal
  3. Megha Makdum
  4. Kalapahar

Answer: Chila Raj

32. One of the animals was widely used in wars in ancient Assam. It was

  1. Bull
  2. Camel
  3. Horse
  4. Elephant

Answer: Elephant

33. Sarbananda Singha was the king of

  1. The koches
  2. The Kacharies
  3. The Morans
  4. The Mataks

Answer: The Mataks

34. On the accounts of Hiuen Tsang it is mentioned that a famous port in the Bay of Bengal was under the control of Bhaskarvarma. Which was it?

  1. Tamralipi
  2. Dhaka
  3. Vishakhapattam
  4. Chittagaon (Chattagram)

Answer: Tamralipi

35. Who was the first king of Pala dynasty?

  1. Gopala
  2. Brahmapala
  3. Harshapala
  4. Indrapala

Answer: Brahmapala

36. What was the name of the Koch king who rebuilt the Kamakhya temple?

  1. Naranarayan
  2. Biswa Singha
  3. Mohandra Narayan
  4. Balinarayan

Answer: Naranarayan

37. What was the common language used in Kamrupa inscriptions?

  1. Hindi
  2. Bengali
  3. Sanskrit
  4. Assamese

Answer: Sanskrit

38. In the Sanskrit inscription the name of Naranarayan is mentioned as

  1. Kshatriya
  2. Purandar
  3. Malladeva
  4. Kamateswar

Answer: Malladeva

39. The gift Yuan Chwang accepted from Bhaskarvarman was designed to protect one from and cold. What was it?

  1. Chameri
  2. Ho-la-li
  3. Chattar
  4. Si-yu-ki

Answer: Ho-la-li

40. The persian chronicle Fathiya-i-Ibriya was compiled by

  1. Mir jumla
  2. Jahangir
  3. Mirza Nathan
  4. Shahib-ud-din Talish

Answer: Shahib-ud-din Talish

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