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Biological Classification Question Answer for NEET with FREE PDF and Explanations. This Multiple Choice Questions and Answers of Biological Classification are most important part of the NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and other Medical Entrance Exams. We composed this Biological Classification Question Answer for NEET with FREE PDF for NEET from Various Text book including NCERT.

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1 Which of the following is included in five kingdom classification .
(A) Monera, Protista, Animalia, Plantae, Algae
(B) Monera,Protista,Fungi,Animalia,Plantae
(C) Virus,prokaryotes,Fungi,Plantae,Animalia
(D) Algae,Fungi,Bryophyta,Pteridophyta,Gymnosperms

2 Who is the father of Taxonomy among the following
(A) Linnaeus
(B) Aristole
(C) Maheshwari
(D) Birbal sahani

Answer: Linnaeus
3 Halophiles is also called …..
(A) Eubacteria
(B) Actinomyce
(C) Cyanobacteria
(D) Archaebacteria

Answer: Archaebacteria
4 By how many criteria ,living organisms have been classified into five kingdom.
(A) Two
(B) Four
(C) five
(D) Three

5 Prokaryotes are included in the kingdom ….
(A) Monera
(B) Protista
(C) Protozoa
(D) Basidiomycetes

Answer: Monera
6 Viroids were discovered by …
(A) Diener
(B) Woese
(C) Pasteur
(D) Iyengar

Answer: Diener
7 The name virus was given by …
(A) Ivanowsky
(B) Pasteur
(C) Diener
(D) Hershey

Answer: Pasteur
8 Virus have….
(A) DNA core,Lipid coat
(B) DNA or RNA core ,protein coat
(C) DNA or RNA core,plasma membrane
(D) DNA containing nucleus ,lipid envelope

Answer:DNA or RNA core ,protein coat
9 A virus contains
(C) DNA or RNA
(D) DNA and RNA

Answer: DNA or RNA
10 The main structural component of virus is …
(A) nucleic acid
(B) protein
(C) nucleic acid and protein
(D) nucleic acid or protein

Answer: nucleic acid and protein

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