Animal Kingdom MCQ for NEET PDF Download

Animal Kingdom MCQ for NEET PDF Download

Animal Kingdom MCQ for NEET PDF Download for NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER with Explanations. This Multiple Choice Questions and Answers of Animal Kingdom are most important part of the NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and other Medical Entrance Exams. We composed this Animal Kingdom MCQ with Answers for NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER from Various Text book including NCERT.

Animal Kingdom MCQ for NEET PDF Download

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1 The mode of nutrition in Ascaris is
(D) Holozoic
(B) Holophytic
(C) Saprozoic
(D) Saprophytic

Answer: Saprozoic
2 Which of the following has no alternate host?
(D) Tape worm
(B) Ascaris lumbricoides
(C) Plasmodium vivax
(D) Fasiola hepatica

Answer: Ascaris lumbricoides
3 Sperms of Ascaris are characteristic because they are
(D) giant in size
(B) without mitochondria
(C) amoeboid shape
(D) with large body and tail

Answer:amoeboid shape
4 Metamerically segmented, bilaterally symmetrical animals bearing jointed appendages. These are characteristic of
(D) Helminthes
(B) Annelida
(C) Mollusca
(D) Arthropoda

Answer: Arthropoda
5 Pronounced cephalisation is a characteristic
(D) Echinoderms
(B) Annelida
(C) Mollusca
(D) Arthropoda

Answer: Arthropoda
6 Hemocoelic body cavity is a characteristic of
(D) Ascaris
(B) Leech
(C) Cockroach
(D) Snails

7 Division of the body into head, thorax and abdomen is a characteristic of
(D) Insecta
(B) Insecta and Archnida
(C) Insecta and Crustacea
(D) Insecta and Myriapoda

Answer: Insecta
8 Most primitive arthropods belong to the class
(D) Archnida
(B) Insecta
(C) Onychophora
(D) Myriapoda

9 Lung books are the respiratory organs of
(D) Insects
(B) Crustaceans
(C) Archnids
(D) Peripatus

Answer: Archnids
10 The organs of taste in cockroach are present in
(D) epipharynx only
(B) hypopharynx
(C) pharynx
(D) palps and epipharynx

Answer: palps and epipharynx

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