Animal Kingdom MCQ NCERT for NEET with Answer

Animal Kingdom MCQ NCERT for NEET with Answer

Animal Kingdom MCQ NCERT for NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER with Explanations. This Multiple Choice Questions and Answers of Animal Kingdom are most important part of the NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and other Medical Entrance Exams. We composed this Animal Kingdom MCQ with Answers for NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER from Various Text book including NCERT.

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1 Sea anemone is
(D) diploblastic, radially symmetrical animal
(B) diploblastic, bilaterally symmetrical animal
(C) triploblastic, radially symmetrical animal
(D) triploblastic, bilaterally symmetrical animal

Answer:diploblastic, radially symmetrical animal
2 The most primitive invertebrate to possess musculo- epithelial cells and nerve cells is
(D) Sycon
(B) Spongilla
(C) Fasciola
(D) Hydra

Answer: Hydra
3 The first invertebrates to develop a true nervous system are
(D) flat worms
(B) sponges
(C) coelenterates
(D) annelids

Answer: coelenterates
4 Platyhelminthes are best described as
(D) flatworms, triploblastic , acoelomate animals
(B) flatworms, diploblastic , acoelomates
(C) flatworms, triploblastic , coelomates
(D) flatworms, triploblastic , pseudocoelomates animals

Answer:flatworms, triploblastic , acoelomate animals
5 An important character which platyhelminthes share with the acnidarians is
(D) diploblastic condition
(B) single cavity communicating with the exterior
(C) three germ layers and no coelom
(D) Presence of complicated reproductive system

Answer: single cavity communicating with the exterior
6 Free living platyhelminthes forms belong to the class
(D) Cestoda
(B) Trematoda
(C) Turbellaria
(D) Nematoda

7 In helminthes, flame cells are component of their
(D) reproductive system
(B) excretory system
(C) nervous system
(D) respiratory system

Answer: excretory system
8 Fasciola hepatica is an endoparasite that lives in the
(D) liver of sheep
(B) blood of sheep
(C) spleen of sheep
(D) Intestine of sheep

Answer:liver of sheep
9 The intermediate host in the life cycle of Taenia saginata is
(D) Pig
(B) Goat
(C) Dog
(D) Cattle

Answer: Cattle
10 Taenia solium lacks alimentary canal because
(D) it does not require any food
(B) it lives in the intestine
(C) it has saprozoic mode of feeding
(D) None of the above

Answer: it has saprozoic mode of feeding

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