Animal Kingdom MCQs for NEET with FREE PDF

Animal Kingdom MCQs for NEET with FREE PDF

Animal Kingdom MCQs for NEET with FREE PDF and Explanations. This Multiple Choice Questions and Answers of Animal Kingdom are most important part of the NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and other Medical Entrance Exams. We composed this Animal Kingdom MCQs for NEET with FREE PDF from Various Text book including NCERT.

Animal Kingdom MCQs for NEET PDF Download

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1 Sponges are Poriferans because their bodies have
(A) canal systems
(B) Spicules in skeletons
(C) several pores
(D) none of these

Answer:several pores
2 Fire bellied toad is
(A) Bombina
(B) Necturus
(C) Salamandra
(D) Amphiuma

3 Earthworm possesses hearts
(A) 1 pair
(B) 2 pairs
(C) 3 pairs
(D) 4 pairs

Answer: 4 pairs
4 In which of the following, notochord is present in embryonic stage?
(A) some chordates
(B) non chordates
(C) vertebrates
(D) all chordates

Answer: all chordates
5 What is true for mammalia
(A) bats have feather
(B) elephant is ovoviviparous
(C) diaphragm is absent in them
(D) Platypus is oviparous

Answer: Platypus is oviparous
6 Tube feet are the characteristics structures of
(A) jellyfish
(B) cuttlefish
(C) starfish
(D) crayfish

7 Trachae of Cockroarch and mammal are similar in having
(A) origin from head
(B) paired nature
(C) ciliated inner lining
(D) noncollapsible walls

Answer: noncollapsible walls
8 Sound box of birds is called
(A) laryynx
(B) syrinx
(C) synsacrum
(D) pygostyle

9 Among the following, most complex level of organization is present in
(A) Annelida
(B) Platyhelminthes
(C) Coelentrata
(D) Porifera

Answer: Annelida
10 The layer absent in the embryos of diploblastic animals is
(A) Ectoderm
(B) Mesoderm
(C) Endoderm
(D) Mesoglea


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