Panidihing Bird Sanctuary

Panidihing Bird Sanctuary

Panidihing Bird Sanctuary or Panidihing Wildlife Sanctuary is situated between Disang and the Demow rivers. It is located in the northern part of Sivasgar district with an area of 33.93 sq. kms.

Location of Panidihing Bird Sanctuary:

Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near about 22 Km from the sivasagar town. It is a 33.93-square-kilometre (13.10 sq mi) wildlife sanctuary located in Sivasagar district, Assam. It is 22 km (14 mi) away from Sivasagar town.

Flora and Fauna of Panidihing Bird Sanctuary:

The resident of several migratory birds the Panidihing bird sanctuary is declared as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1996. The sanctuary’s prized possession are its variegated species of aquatic birds whose medley of cacophonous twitters and chirps sound tuneful to the ear that has grown accustomed to the chaotic noise of a bustling city life. Adjutant storks, fishing eagles and a variety of ducks are some of the species of birds that are the pride of the place.

A paradise of migratory and resident birds, so far 165 species of birds have been identified and recorded. A place for quite high concentration of Geese and other migratory birds. The common birds seen are Bar-headed Goose, Grey leg Goose, Spot billed Duck, Mallard, Gadwall, Wigeon, Gargany, Shoveller, Red crested Pochard, Common Pochard, Ferruginous Duck, Adjutant Stork, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Open bill Stork, White necked Stork etc.

Panidihing is famous for migratory birds. Adjutant Storks, Fishing Eagle etc. are commonly found here. The wildlife is mostly about the avifauna over here. This place is beautiful and a very good place to see the water birds and waders. The Sanctuary qualifies as a Ramsar Site as its water bird population in winter is more than 20,000.

Climate of Panidihing wildlife Sanctuary:

The climate of the area is moist tropical and annual temperature ranges between 8-35 Celsius annually. Annual rainfall is approximately 3200 mm with a relative humidity of 65-85 %

Basic Questions and Answers

Panidihing wildlife sanctuary famous for Рmigratory and resident birds of 165 species.
How many wildlife sanctuary in Assam – 18 wildlife sanctuaries
Where is lockchao wildlife sanctuary located – Kathalguri, Assam
Who declared wildlife sanctuary in India – State Government

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