Plant Kingdom Questions and Answers NCERT

Plant Kingdom Questions and Answers NCERT

Plant Kingdom Questions Answers NCERT for NEET 2021-22. This Multiple Choice Questions and Answers of Plant Kingdom are most important part of the NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and other Medical Entrance Exams. We composed this Plant Kingdom MCQ with Answers for NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER from Various Text book including NCERT.

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1 Zygotic meiosis is the characteristic of
(A) Fucus
(B) Funaria
(C) Marchantia
(D) Chlamydomonas

2 Pick the mismatched pair
(A) Cycas – Dioecious
(B) Equisetum – Homosporous
(C) Salvinia – Heterosporous
(D) Pinus – Dioecious

Answer: Pinus – Dioecious
3 A colonial alga is
(A) Volvox
(B) Chlorella
(C) Ulothrix
(D) Spirogyra

Answer: Volvox
4 Double fertilization is the characteristic of
(A) Algae
(B) Gymnosperms
(C) Fungi
(D) Angiosperms

Answer: Angiosperms
5 Conifers can tolerate extreme environments because of
(A) Presence of vessels
(B) Thick cuticle
(C) Superficial stomata
(D) Broad hardy leaves

Answer: Thick cuticle
6 First plants to inhabit the land
(A) Angiosperms
(B) Bryophytes
(C) Gymnosperms
(D) Pteridophytes

Answer: Bryophytes
7 Agar is commercially obtained from
(A) Blue-green algae
(B) Red algae
(C) Brown algae
(D) Green algae

Answer: Red algae
8 Which one differs from Spirogyra based on its nucleus?
(A) Azygospore
(B) Zygospore
(C) Akinete
(D) Aplanospore

9 The cell wall of Spirogyra contains
(A) Cellulose
(B) Chitin
(C) Lignin
(D) Suberin

Answer: Cellulose
10 Which of the following completely lacks cell wall?
(A) Blue-green algae
(B) Saccharomyces
(C) Sea-fan
(D) Cyanobacteria

Answer: Saccharomyces

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