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Class 11 Biology Mineral Nutrition centers chiefly around inorganic plant nutrition, wherein we will study the techniques to recognize elements fundamental to the growth and development of plants and the standards for setting up the centrality. This chapter additionally gives a short prologue to the centrality and the system of biological nitrogen obsession. Let us discuss about some Class 11 Biology Mineral Nutrition MCQs and Answers.

1 Die back shoots is due to
(A) Mn
(B) Mo
(C) B
(D) Cu

2 Which one is essential for root growth?
(A) Zn
(B) Ca
(C) Mo
(D) S

3 Exanthema is a result of deficiency of
(A) Cu
(B) Na
(C) P
(D) Na

Answer: Cu
4 A primary deficiency is caused by insufficient absorption of
(A) Magnesium
(B) Manganese
(C) Calcium
(D) Potassium

Answer: Potassium
5 Chlorosis is caused by deficiency of
(A) Iron
(B) Calcium
(C) Copper
(D) Boron

Answer: Iron
6 Assume that an actively respiring cell has 3X number of K+ in its cytoplasm and 2X number of K+ outside. After some time X number of K+enter the cell. What is the process by which K+ transport has taken place
(A) Primary active transport
(B) Secondary active transport
(C) Passive transport
(D) Diffusion

Answer:Secondary active transport
7 A crop plant which can grow in nitrogen deficient soils without external supply of it is
(A) Allium sativum
(B) Gossypium herbaceum
(C) Cajanus cajan
(D) Helianthus annus

Answer: Cajanus cajan
8 Azolla has a symbiotic relationship with
(A) Chlorella
(B) Anabaena
(C) Nostoc
(D) Tolypothrix

9 Sulphur is an important nutrient for optimum growth and productivity in
(A) Oilseed crops
(B) Pulse crops
(C) Cereals
(D) Fibre crops

Answer: Pulse crops
10 One mineral activates enzyme catalase and other is constituent of chlorophyll. They are respectively
(A) Iron and Magnesium
(B) Iron and Manganese
(C) Magnesium amd Manganese
(D) Calcium and Magnesium

Answer: Iron and Magnesium

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