Respiration in Plants NEET MCQ

Respiration in Plants NEET MCQ manages cell breath or the component of the breakdown of food materials inside the cell to deliver energy and the catching of this energy for the blend of ATP. The concepts of Glycolysis, Aerobic Respiration, The Respiratory Balance Sheet, Fermentation, Amphibolic Pathway, and Respiratory Quotient are covered in the topic.

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1 Phosphrylation of glucose during glycolysis is catalysed by :
(A) Phosphoglucomutase
(B) Phosphoglucoisomerase
(C) Hexokinase
(D) Phosphorylase

2 Pyruvic acid the key product of glycolysis has many fates; what are its products during aerobic respiration.
(A) Lactic acid
(B) CO2 + H2O
(C) Acetyl CO A + H2O
(D) Ethanol + CO2

Answer:Acetyl CO A + H2O
3 Electron transport chain (ETS) is located in mitochondrial:
(A) Outer membrane
(B) intermembranal space
(C) Inner membrane
(D) matrix

Answer: intermembranal space
4 Which of the following has highest rate of photosynthesis:
(A) Leaf bud
(B) Growing shoot apex
(C) Root tip
(D) Growing root tip

Answer:Growing shoot apex
5 Mitochondria is called the powerhouse of cell because:
(A) It has mitochondral enzyme for kreb’s cycle and cytochromes
(B) It produces ATP as energy store house
(C) It is found in all plant and animal cell
(D) It has double membrane

Answer: It produces ATP as energy store house
6 The end product of oxidative phosphorylation is:
(B) Oxygen
(D) ATP + H2O

Answer: ATP + H2O
7 Respiratry quotient of FATS is :
(A) equal to 1
(B) more than 1
(C) less than 1
(D) none of the above

Answer: less than 1
8 Red muscle fibre are red due to the presence of:
(A) haemoglobin
(B) myoglobin
(C) megaloglobin
(D) rich no. of RBC

9 Nature of TCA cycle is:
(A) Catabolic
(B) Metabolic
(C) Amphibolic
(D) Anabolic

Answer: Amphibolic
10 The number of glucose molecule required to produce 38 ATP molecules under anaerobic condition by a yeast cell is:
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 19
(D) 38

Answer: 19

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