Respiration in Plants Short Questions for NEET

Respiration in Plants Short Questions for NEET manages cell breath or the component of the breakdown of food materials inside the cell to deliver energy and the catching of this energy for the blend of ATP. The concepts of Glycolysis, Aerobic Respiration, The Respiratory Balance Sheet, Fermentation, Amphibolic Pathway, and Respiratory Quotient are covered in the topic.

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1 Protons accumulate on the __________ in mitochondria.
(A) Inner membrane
(B) Intermembrane space
(C) Outer membrane
(D) None of the above

Answer:Intermembrane space
2 Oxidative phosphorylation usually refers to________
(A) Anaerobic production of ATP
(B) Citric acid cycle production of ATP
(C) Alcoholic fermentation
(D) None of the above

Answer: Citric acid cycle production of ATP
3 The process of cell respiration is carried out by _______
(A) Mitochondria
(B) Chloroplast
(C) Nucleus
(D) None of the above

Answer: Mitochondria
4 An important product of the Krebs cycle is
(A) Water
(B) Methane
(D) None of the above

5 Acetyl CoA forms a 6-C compound after combining with
(A) Oxygen
(B) Pyruvic acid
(C) Citric acid
(D) Oxaloacetic acid

Answer:Oxaloacetic acid
6 The process of respiration in green plants occurs
(A) only when stomata are open
(B) only when photosynthesis ceases
(C) only when photosynthesis is in progress
(D) At all times

Answer: At all times
7 Respiratory enzymes are located in
(A) mitochondrial matrix
(B) cristae
(C) perimitochondrial space
(D) outer membrane

Answer: cristae
8 The site of glycolysis in a cell is
(A) chloroplast
(B) nucleus
(C) cytoplasm
(D) mitochondria

9 Respiration is
(A) Anabolic process
(B) Exothermic process
(C) Endothermic process
(D) Endergonic process

Answer: Exothermic process
10 The annual plant exchange of gases takes place mainly through
(A) Leaf scars
(B) lenticels
(C) stomata
(D) stem

Answer: stomata

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