Important Questions on Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Important Questions on Breathing and Exchange of Gases focused on cycle of exchange of oxygen from the atmosphere with carbon dioxide delivered by the cells is named as breathing. It is otherwise called respiration.

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1. In mature mammalian erythrocytes the respiration is

  • aerobic
  • anaerobic
  • sometimes aerobic and sometimes anaerobic
  • absent

Answer: anaerobic

2. Skin of man cannot act as respiratory organ because

  • it is dry
  • it is not thin
  • it is not permeable to O2 and CO2
  • all of these

Answer: all of these

3. Which of the following is not a character of respiratory surface?

  • thin, permeable to gases
  • extensive
  • least vascular
  • moist

Answer: least vascular

4. Ring like cartilage of larynx is known as

  • thyroid cartilage
  • arytenoid cartilage
  • cricoid cartilage
  • cartilage of santonni

Answer: cricoid cartilage

5. Lungs are enclosed in

  • peritoneum
  • perichondrium
  • pericardium
  • pleural membranes

Answer: pleural membranes

6. Which of the following reflex is involved to prevent excessive inflation of lungs?

  • stretch reflex
  • hering-breuer’s reflex
  • withdrawal reflex
  • conditioned reflex
  • Answer: hering-breuer’s reflex

7. The ventilation movements of lungs in mammals are governed by

  • muscular walls of lung
  • diaphragm
  • costal muscles
  • both B and C

Answer: both B and C

8. Which of the following is true for aerobic respiration in humans?

  • Glucose + water = carbon dioxide + water
  • Glucose + oxygen = Carbon dioxide + water
  • Glucose = Carbon dioxide + water
  • None of the mentioned
  • Answer: Glucose + oxygen = Carbon dioxide + water

9. Respiration results in ___________

  • Release of oxygen
  • Anabolism
  • Release of carbon dioxide
  • Transfer of carbon dioxide
  • Answer: Release of carbon dioxide

10. During hibernation frogs respire through ________

  • Gills
  • Lungs
  • Tympanum
  • Integument

Answer: Integument

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