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1. Which of the following is not a part of peripheral nervous system?

  • Cranial nerve
  • Ganglion
  • Spinal nerve
  • Spinal cord

Answer: Spinal cord

2. Which of the following cells is found in peripheral nervous system?

  • Schwann cells
  • Microglia
  • Astrocytes
  • Oligodendrocytes

Answer: Schwann cells

3. Bipolar neurons have ___________

  • Two axons
  • One axon and one dendrite
  • One axon and one presynaptic terminal
  • Two presynaptic terminals

Answer: One axon and one dendrite

4. White matter consists of _____________

  • Neuron cell bodies
  • Unmyelinated axons and neuron cell bodies
  • Myelinated axons
  • Unmyelinated dendrites

Answer: Myelinated axons

5. Which one of the following cranial nerves is carrying the nerve fibers originating from the Edinger Westphal nucleus?

  • Oculomotor
  • Trochlear
  • Vagus
  • Abducens

Answer: Oculomotor

6. The tract of nerve fibers which connects the cerebral hemispheres is __________

  • Corpus luteum
  • Corpus callosum
  • Corpora quadrigemina
  • Cerebral aqueduct

Answer: Corpus callosum

7. 5th cranial nerve of frog is _________

  • Vagus
  • Trigeminal
  • Olfactory
  • Facial

Answer: Trigeminal

8. In CNS myelinated fibers form the __________ while non myelinated fibers cells form the ___________

  • Grey matter, white matter
  • Ependymal cells, neurosecretory cells
  • White matter, grey matter
  • Neurosecretory cells, Ependymal cells

Answer: White matter, grey matter

9. How many pairs of cranial nerves originate from the brain of a rat?

  • 8
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

Answer: 12

10. Injury to the vagus nerve in human is not likely to affect _________

  • Movement of tongue
  • Pancreatic secretion
  • Cardiac movements
  • Gastrointestinal movements

Answer: Movement of tongue

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