Car Insurance Quotes Ontario | How to Get a Car Insurance Quote in Ontario

Car Insurance Quotes Ontario

In this article we are going to discuss about Car Insurance Quotes Ontario basically How to Get a Car Insurance Quote in Ontario and some Simple tips to save on car insurance in Ontario. Let’s see the full article we prepared to you.

How to Get a Car Insurance Quote in Ontario

Enter your information: This includes details about the vehicle(s) and driver(s) that are to be included on the policy. You may be eligible for certain discounts based on the information you provide.

Select group affiliations: You can select up to three eligible alumni, employer, and professional associations to get the best preferred rate for you and save even more!

Review quote summary: You can review your quote or modify coverage, if needed. The quote will also be emailed to you. The emailed quote will be valid for 45 days, if the driver and vehicle information you provided, and the coverage options you selected remain unchanged.

Make the call: Make the call! When you’re ready, let us call you or you call us to complete your purchase.

Email confirmation: Receive immediate email confirmation of your policy, along with temporary proof of insurance.

How does car insurance work in Ontario?

Ontario auto insurance is a privatized industry, meaning you purchase your policy from a private company. Ontario drivers pay some of the highest insurance premiums in the country, which is why it’s so important to compare quotes and find the lowest rate. Last year, Ontario drivers who used RATESDOTCA paid, on average, 30% less than the average market rate.

Simple tips to save on car insurance in Ontario:

  1. Insurance is really meant to cover you for damages you could never afford on your own. If you can afford a $1,000 repair job, then raise your deductible to $1,000 and pay less for your insurance.
  2. The safer you drive, the more you could save. By downloading and using the TD MyAdvantage app, which collects and analyzes your driving data, you could save up to an additional 25% on your premium!
  3. Think about removing collision coverage if you drive an older car. This means weighing the cost of collision coverage with the value of your car and chosen deductibles.
  4. Consider driving a “low-risk” vehicle. Insurance premiums are based on previous claim history, so the more likely the vehicle is to be stolen or in an accident, the more you’ll pay for insurance.
  5. If you’re a new driver, take a driver’s training course.
  6. Insure all your cars with us so you can make the most of our multi-vehicle discount.

Mandatory and optional auto insurance in Ontario

These four mandatory components are included in a standard Ontario auto insurance policy:

  1. Third-Party Liability
  2. Direct Compensation-Property Damage (DC-PD)
  3. Uninsured Automobile Insurance
  4. Accident Benefits