Atoll Bluffs | Beauty and Significance of Atoll Reef

Atolls reef also known as Atoll Bluffs is a coral atoll located in the Atoll Islands, including the Cook Islands. It was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1774. Cook named the atoll after his wife’s beloved ancestor.

Atolls is a reef located on the western coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It lies about 320 km (175 mi) north-east of Auckland and 335 km (205 mi) north-west of Queenstown. The reef has a recreational value of $3,270,000/sq km, making it one of the best places to dive in New Zealand.

Atolls is one of Australia’s most remote areas. It’s also a natural showcase of coral reefs, mangrove forests, rainforests and sand dunes. Surrounded by Maori and Cook Islands islands, Atolls offers a world at odds with the urbanised, overcrowded and prone to flooding suburbia

Atolls is a beautiful coral atoll located about 300 kilometers (150 mi) south-west of Tahiti and 1,500 kilometers (1,100 mi) north-east of the nearest populated area. It lies just west of the Lesser Antilles islands. A year round anything goes resort, Atolls are home to a large variety of wildlife from birds to sea lions.

Atolls are a remote Pacific Ocean atoll, part of the Lesser Antilles chain, located 700 miles northeast east of Australia. The closest populated area is Martha’s Vineyard. The archipelago consists of nine atolls and 25 large islands or atolls. The most populated atoll is Atoll island which has a population of 250 inhabitants.

The Atolls atolls reef is a collection of 324 coral atolls situated to the north of Australia. The reefs are recovering from over-fishing and pollution which resulted in their decline. It lies east of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, south-west of New Zealand’s North Island, and is part of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara reef system. Atoll living has been affected by a wide variety of human activity and it seems some people are still not aware of this.

Atolls is one of the most spectacular coral reefs on the planet atolls, in international waters off Sir John’s Island, and also one of the worlds most remote and accessible for dive tourism. It is one of the most popular dive sites and is visited by thousands of divers weekly during the summer season. Almost completely devoid of manmade noise pollution atolls provides you with a truly pure experience, and unlike any other underwater environment anywhere else on earth. Atolls is more than just a diving platform for divers; it is a unique underwater sanctuary for dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life.

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