What are corals? Significance of corals

What are corals? These days they are sometimes called sea-slugs, sea miniature plants, or sea grasses. They are tiny sea creatures with a hard exoskeleton made out of calcium carbonate. When viewed under a microscope, corals have many specialized cells arranged in a specific pattern – sometimes called a flat body.

Corals are the small marine animals that form colonies to live in a sea. Corals are found in shallow tropical areas all over the world. In Australia, coral reefs are found off the islands of Queensland and they grow at a rate of about 4m per year. It is an amazing organism usually found in warm sandy or muddy waters. Aquarists know them as ‘reefers’ because of their ability to grow in habitats with low-light conditions.

Coral reefs are an incredible sight. They provide a fantastic habitat for many types of marine life. They are found in both temperate and tropical oceans. They are home to many different species and habitats. A naturally occurring type of sea vegetable, corals live in and around the sea floor. Many types of corals have distinguished features that allow them to function as a host to diverse animals and humans. For example, some corals are found in symbiosis with or dependent upon creatures larger than themselves, while others have been known to trap tiny animals and protect them from predators.

A coral reef is made up of living creatures, usually coral-like. Commonly found in marine habitats, corals can be either multicellular or individual. Multi-cellular corals consist of many small bodies joined together by tissue. Individual corals are also known as colonies, and include single sea stars, polyps, trilobites, and sponges as an embryo develops into an adult.

The coral reef is the nickname of a group of beautiful polyps that live in the oceans. In a coral reef or a sea, an anemone is a polyp that has been flattened by disuse or pollution. All corals are green and they some said that green is not always good and they think that if you are going to dominate this world or have a better quality of life you have to be self-reliant.

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