Coral and Fish | Relationship between corals and fishes

Corals and fishes are a great combination that appeals to the senses. That combination creates a the impactful visual combination found in coral reefs and tropical fish captured by photographers around the world.

Relationship between coral and fishes which was first spotted by the novelist C S Lewis in his famous book “”The Screwtape Letters””. This is a social theory that the two most intelligent species on our planet share a common ancestor maybe 100 million years ago. This theory has received a lot of support from living organisms today. Our DNA, for example, contains the fossil insects that lived side by side with common ancestors of both fish and corals. And even more striking are the similarities between animals who have lived across the evolutionary gulf for 100 million years while still being incomparable by today’s standards.

The reefs of the Caribbean are some of the most stunning marine environments on earth and coral reefs form an integral link in the food web. This relationship between corals and fishes is extremely intricate and will likely never be completely understood. Understanding how they interact would aid in both conserving our ocean and promoting sustainable development.

Coral reefs and fish species have always been good friends. Both are subject to immense destruction as humans develop more of the world’s most destructive industrial practices. The relationship has always been so close that scientists have used histories to study when one species began prioritizing the other over itself, and vice versa.

Coral reefs and fish often appear in our life at almost the same time. Coral reefs are habitats for more than 40 species of marine animals, mostly corals, and fishes, as well as bacteria and other small organisms. Many people regard coral reefs as the “world”, and humans are responsible for over half of the Earth’s biomass. Fishing activities have had a considerable impact on coral reefs and fish stocks in the past few decades, but restoring these areas after over-fishing is extremely difficult due to their fragile nature.

The relationship between coral reefs and fish is one of the most interesting in the world. In over 700 animal species, corals have been shown to have a detrimental impact on fishes unless there is an appropriate investment in reef habitat. Many similar relationships exist between humans and other lifeforms, though they may be less well known.

Both coral and fish have diverse and distinct habitats. They are found in various parts of the world and occupy the oceans. Coral reefs are as diverse as the ecosystems they support; they include not only coral itself but also hundreds of kinds of microscopic animals called polypods, as well as many types of fish. While there can be some overlap between these two groups (as with many animal groups), each is well-known to the other and is generally known to be separate and distinct in terms of habitat rather than other species within those habitats.

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