Who made weaving compulsory during the reign of Ahom king?

Who made weaving compulsory during the reign of Ahom king?

A. Suhungmung

B. Mumai Tamuli

C. Rudra Singh

D. Aton Burahgoain

Answer: Mumai Tamuli

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1. The first conference of Assam Sahitya Sabha was held at

2. Who was the first President of Assam Sahitya Sabha

3. Total number of National Parks in Assam

4. Total number of bridges over the river Brahmaputra

5. The Naranarayan Setu connects the Pancharatna Town with which city

6. Who was the first Chief Minister of Assam?

7. Who was the last king of Ahom kingdom in Assam?

8. The Treaty of Yandabo was signed in the year

9. Which one is the first Assamese novel?

10. The state anthem “O Mur Apunar Desh” was first published in the magazine named

11. The first Assamese magazine Orunodoi was published in the year

12. Who is the first barrister of Assam?

13. Which one is the largest district in Assam by area wise?

14. In which district, Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary is located

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17. Total number of Districts in Assam

18. Hiuen Tsang visited Assam during the reign of

19. In which year, Sukapha established Ahom Kingdom in Charaideo?

20. The war of Saraighat was fought between Ahom and Mughal in the year

21. In Ancient times, Assam is also known by the name of

22. In which hill top, the Kamakhya Temple is located

23. In which year, the capital of Assam shifted from Shillong to Dispur?

24. The Assam Sahitya Sabha was first founded in the year

25. Mahatma Gandhi first visited Assam in the year

26. The first book to win Sahitya Akademi Award is

27. The first Assamese film Joymoti was released in the year

28. The Abhiruchi Sports Day is celebrated on

29. Bhogeswar Baruah wins a medal in the ________ Asian Games

30. In which year, National Games was held in Assam?

31. The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre was established in the year

32. Which town is also known as the Manchester of Assam?

33. Bhaskar-Varman issued the famous Nidhanpur Copper-plate grant after the battle:

34. The Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited Industry is located at

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36. Guwahati University was established in the year

37. Who was the first vice-chancellor of Guwahati University?

38. Total number of Parliamentary constituency in Assam

39. Lakshminath Bezbaroa is honoured with ‘Rasaraj’ by Asam Sahitya Sabha in the year

40. Namghosa was written by

41. “Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai” won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in the year

42. Gibon Wildlife Sanctury is located at

43. The film “Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai” was directed by

44. How much percent of the Indian landmass is covered by the State of Assam?

45. Which language is used by Sankardev to written Borgeets?

46. The literacy rate of Assam according to 2011 census is

47. When the uprising of Patharughat took place?

48. Who was the President of the Swaraj Party in Assam during freedom movement?

49. The Gohain Kamal Ali built during the reign of Naranarayan runs from

50. What was the similarity among Hem Saraswati, Kaviratna Saraswati and Hari Har Bipra?

51. The language used in the inscription of the Koch kings was:

52. In which year the Mughals Attack Ahom Kingdom for the first time?

53. What was staple crop in ancient Assam?

54. Chandibar was the great grandfather of whom?

55. The Silsako stone bridge of North Guwahati destroyed due to earthquake in the year:

56. Which Ahom king excavated the Joysagar tank in memory of his mother Joymoti at Rangpur?

57. Which of the following is the great work of Sankardeva?

58. The terracotta industry is located in

59. The Ahom Kingdom was established in the year

60. The Shiv dol was constructed during the reign of

61. The Asssam Public Service Commission (APSC) Regulation was promulgated in exercise of the powers

62. The first stadium of Assam was built in

63. Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a

64. Prachya Sasanavali was edited by

65. Which king is also known by the nickednamed as Bhagaraja?

66. During freedom struggle, the “Mrityu Bahini” was formed by

67. “Rang Ghar” was constructed during the reign of

68. When was Assam Provincial Congress Committee formed

69. The author of “Asomiya Sahityar Buranji” is

70. The Assam region was separated from the Bengal Presidency as “North-East Frontier” in the year

71. The illustration work of the medieval Assamese text “Hastividyarnava” was done by

72. The Gohain Kamal Ali road was constructed during the reign of

73. The first Ahom Monarch to assume the Hindu title “Swarganarayan” was

74. The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by

75. Who was the author of the book “India against Itself”

76. The Dhodar Ali is constructed during the reign of

77. The Jaysagar Tank was excavated under the reign of which of the following Kings

78. The district which was separated from Assam and was given to East Pakistan in the 1947 was

79. In Assam, a source of hot water spring is situated in

80. Kamakhya Temple was rebuilt by which one of the following Koch King

81. Kanaklata Barua became a martyr of which one of the following national movements

82. The Patkai Bum range makes the boundary between

83. Which one of the following places is the confluence of three highly revered pilgrimage for the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists

84. Siang, joined by Lohit and Dibang makes which of the following rivers

85. Which Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam boasts of the golden langur?

86. Which one was the first capital of Ahom Kingdom in Assam?

87. The area of Kaziranga National Park is approximately

88. About 91% of world population of a particular animal species found in Kaziranga National Park is which one of the following

89. Of the total production of Muga, the Golden Silk, in the world, Assam produces

90. In which of the following National Parks/Wildlife Sanctuaries, the density of rhino population is the highest

91. The highest concentration of forest in the State of Assam occurs in

92. Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary is located in which one of the following districts

93. Who was the first martyr of 1942 Revolution in Assam?

94. The Treaty of Yandaboo signed between East India Company and which one of the following

95. The first Peasant Uprising against the British was known as

96. The first phase of Moamoria Rebellion was started in

97. In which year Gopinath Bordoloi was arrested for taking part in the freedom movement

98. In addition to Assamese, which other language from the State is included in the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution

99. The rank of Assam in literacy among the States of India is

100. The Phulaguri uprising was take place

101. When Bhupen Hazarika had been awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke Award

102. Which of the following places is the site of rain forest in Assam and in which District?

103. Who among the following from Assam joined the famous Dandi March?

104. The historic Assam Accord was signed on

105. Ali-Aai-Ligang is an agri-based festival celebrated by the

106. “Me-Dum-Me-Phi” festival is celebrated annually on

107. Assam Police Day observed on

108. Which of the following districts of Assam has been declared as first tobacco free district

109. Who among the following was the first Ahom ruler to officially accept Hinduism?

110. The oldest cannon inscriptions discovered in Assam belonged to which dynasty?

111. Rajopakhayan by Mushi Jay Nath Ghose is a chronicle of the

112. Srimanta Sankardeva was born in

113. The name of the first Barbarua of Ahom kingdom was:

114. The Sutiya Kingdom was founded by:

115. The first local man from Mech tribe to accept Islam during the invitation Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji?

116. In which year was the Bodo Sahitya Shabha founded?

117. Who directed the Assamese Film “Shakuntala”?

118. Which one was the second film directed by Jyotiprasad Agarwala?

119. Which one was the first Assamese film to won President’s Silver Medal for Best Feature Film?

120. In which year Assamese film “Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai” wins the Silver and Bronze Leopard Award in Locarno International Film Festival?

121. The first film directed by Jahnu Barua

122. The book “Mariam Astin Athaba Hira Barua” is written by

123. Which Assamese film bagged the National Film Award for 2014?

124. Which one is the first mobile theatre of Assam?

125. Sobha Brahma was associated with

126. Lachit Divas is celebrated on

127. The Asom Divas is celebrated on

128. Baksa district was created from the parts of which of the following districts

129. In terms of area, the smallest district of Assam is

130. Who is the recipient of Bishwaratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika International Solidarity Award in 2015?

131. Who among the following is the first Assamese translator of the Ramayana?

132. Who is the first Assamese woman to be awarded by the Sangeet Natak Akademi?

133. The first novel by Rajanikanta Bordoloi was

134. During which Ahom King reign, the Saraighat battle was ended with decisive win over Mughal

135. Which Ahom king created the ‘Borbarua’ and ‘Borphukan’ post

136. Who wrote the book ‘Bhakti Ratnavali’?

137. The Assam Gas Cracker project was approved in

138. Swahid Divas is celebrated on

139. In which district, Sainik School is located

140. Which one is the only Assamese who represented India in the First Round Table Conference held at London in 1930?

141. Ghiyashuddin Awliya associated with

142. Piyali Phukan was hanged in the year

143. The Ahom ruler was first to turn the Kachari Kings as Thapita and Sanchita was

144. In which year Assam region was separated from Bengal territory and was put under a chief commissioner?

145. The shape of the coins of Ahom reign:

146. Which site in Assam is the traditional burial site of the Ahom kings?

147. In which year Sir Shadulla’s Ministry formed?

148. Major part of the Kachari kingdom was occupied by the Ahoms during the reign of which of the following kings?

149. The first women’s university in Assam “Assam Women’s University” is located in

150. Assam’s only fishery college “College of Fisheries Science” is located in

151. The Dhola-Sadiya bridge is built on the river

152. Who is also known as the father of the Bhryamyman or Mobile Theatre of Assam?

153. The school at Banduka where Madhavdeva read was maintained and taught by

154. Who built Joydol on the bank of Joysagar tank?

155. The temple of Tamreswari Mai was dedicated to

156. Sukumar Barkaith composed Hasti Vidyarnava during the reign of:

157. Which is the tallest existing temple in Assam?

158. Dimapur was situated on the bank of which of the following rivers?

159. The temple of Umananda is associated with the God

160. Which singer is also popularly known as the “King of Bihu”?

161. Which one is the first film where Bhupen Hazarika sings as playback singer?

162. Who is the first recipient of Asom Ratna award?

163. Who was the first Principal of Cotton College?

164. Two Ahom monarchs issued coins in Persian language. One was Rajeswar Singha and the other was?

165. Who was referred to as Dihingia Raja?

166. Captain Thomas Welsh recorded that the Assam Patra-Mantri was composed of

167. The Ahom name of Gadadhar Singha was

168. Who was the leader of the 1857 revolt in Assam?

169. In which year did captain Welsh come to Assam?

170. The place where last Ahom-Mugal war fought:

171. The name of the Ahom king when Mir Jumla invaded Assam was:

172. Which Assamese poet is also known as “Prem aru Rodalir Kobi”?

173. In which year Mamoni Raisom Goswami win the Jnanpith Award?

174. Who had written the poetry anthology ‘Alakananda’?

175. Who was the first editor of the Assamese magazine ‘Jonaki’?

176. In which year Assamese magazine ‘Jonaki’ was first published?

177. Who is also known as ‘bihogi kobi’?

178. The first Assamese romantic poem ‘Bon Kunwori’ was written by

179. Who was the first secretary of the Oxomiya Bhaxa Unnati Xadhini Xobha?

180. Which of the following invited the Burmese to Assam?

181. Gandhiji’s first visit to Assam was in the year

182. Who made weaving compulsory during the reign of Ahom king?

183. The year in which Phulaguri uprising took place:

184. The name of the composer of the Hasti Vidyarnava:

185. Krishnaram Bhattacharyya popularly known as Parbatiya Gossain was settled at

186. Sayed Shah Milan was popularly known by which name in Assam?

187. The Ahom ruler who built the temple of Chandika at Chaygaon was:

188. Who had established the ‘Barpeta Satra’ in Barpeta?

189. Who had established the Varman dynasty in Assam?

190. Which Swargadeo shifted the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from Garhgaon to Rangpur?

191. Which Ahom king is also known as ‘Bamuni Konwar’?

192. Who had discovered Tea plants in Assam in the year 1823?

193. Who had conferred Gopinath Bordoloi with the title “Lokapriya”?

194. Which one is the second most populous city in Assam?

195. In which of the districts, the ‘Jonbeel Mela’ held every year?

196. Jatinga village is located in which district

197. In which month, Ambubachi Mela is celebrated in Kamakhya Temple?

198. Who is also known as ‘Kala Guru’ of Assam?

199. Who is also known as ‘Geetikavi’ of Assam?

200. Who was the founder editor of the Assamese magazine ‘Prantik’?