Mahadharma Rakshita was sent to Propagate Buddhism to

Mahadharma Rakshita was sent to Propagate Buddhism to

A. Mysore

B. Maharastra

C. Kerala

D. Amaravathi

Answer: Maharastra

More Questions on Andhra Pradesh History

1. Satavahanas are also called as

2. The first known ruler of Satavahanas is

3. The first capital of Satavahanas is

4. Who was known as “Kavi Vatsala” Among Shalivahanas

5. Acharya Nagarjuna lived in court of

6. Mother of Gautami Putra Satakarni given inscription in the period of

7. Whose period is known as Golden Age for Sanskrit

8. Whose period is known as Golden Age for Prakrit

9. Brihadkatha is written by

10. GPS is ———- Ruler of Salivahanas

11. Indian Einstein

12. Jain monk in period of Salivahanas

13.Bddhist Monk in period of Salivahanas

14. As per Vishnu Purana there are—— No of Satavahana rulers

15. In the word Satavahanas “Sata” was an

16. Founder of Ikshwakus

17. Among Ikshwakus who worked as commander under Satavahanas

18. Sriparvathiya are

19. Satasahasrahalaka was

20. Among Ikshwakus who was devotee of Kumaraswamy

21. Golden age for Buddhism is seen in period of

22. Anuradhapura was

23. Veerapurushadatta was a strong believer of

24. Who conducted repairs to Paravat

25. Bodhi Sharma Was

26. Chuladammagiri place was developed for Buddhist by

27. Nandatha Statue is

28. Marrying Aunt’s daughter was started by

29. Veeragal Puja means

30. Bidorulu means

31. Adinatha was also known as

32. Symbol of Vrushabamatha was

33. Vijayastambam was estd by Prola Raju-II at

34. Which Thirthankara is Known as incarnation of Narayana

35. Gomateshwar was built by

36. Mahaveera belongs to which dynasty

37. Jina Means

38. Arrange the incidents of mahaveera in proper order

39. SallekanaVrata Was

40. Jain Ashoka is

41. Vaddamanu Konda’s Jain Temple was Estd by

42. Nadumbi Basadi Temple was Estd by

43. Holy Books of Jainism

44. After Mahaveera, Jain Gurus are called

45. Dilwara temples are built by which dynasty

46. Maha Prajapathi Gouthami was sister of

47. Buddha got married to Yashodara at the age of

48. Channa was

49. First woman follower of Buddha

50. Angulimala was

51. Four Noble Truths are called

52. Affectionate disciple of Buddha

53. Panchakalyanas are related to

54. Veluvana was given to Buddha by

55. Abidhama Pitika was written by

56. Aramas are related to

57. Buddhist Counsel headed by Ashoka is Conducted in

58. Mahadharma Rakshita was sent to Propagate Buddhism to

59. Jataka stories tells about

60. Khubja Vishnuvardhana was the brother of

61. Aihole inscription tells about

62. Vipparla inscription related to

63. Kolleru Tank was Estd by

64. Kavi Panditha Kamadenu was the title of

65. Chalukyan ruler who fought 108 battles

66. Greatest ruler of Eastern Chalukyas

67. Pandurangapuram town estd during the period of

68. Addanki inscription has —- style of Telugu Poem

69. Challava lived in the Court of

70. Pancha Ramas related to the ruler

71. Raja Mahendravaram Town was Estd by

72. The Chalukyan ruler who went against Ganga Dynasty

73. Karthikeya Temple in Vijayawada was estd by

74. Brahmana Parishath at Machilipatnam was by

75. First capital of Kakatiyas is

76. Bayyaram tank inscription was by

77. Prathapa Rudra Yashobhusanam was written by

78. Kakatiyas belongs to

79. Official Symbol of Kakatiyas

80. Jagathkesari Samudram was

81. Ruler who shifted capital from kakathipuram to Hanmakonda

82. Betheswara Temple was Estd during period of

83. Kadalayya Basadi was estd during period of

84. Rudradeva was also called as

85. Rudradeva’s Book was

86. Kotasenani was commander of

87. Singanna was related to which period

88. Kakathiya Rajya Samratha is the Title of

89. Addanki was the Capital of

90. First Ruler of Reddy Dynasty

91. Malayya Vema Defeated Bahmani during

92. Lakuma Devi Lived in the Court of

93. Karpura Vasantha Rayalu is the Title of

94. Srungara Deepika Book was written by

95. Srinadha lived in the court of

96. Puriti Sunkam was imposed by

97. The first leader who led the movement of liberation in the Andhra country with the express desire of expelling the Muslims was.

98. The original home of Reddis.

99. Bipin Chandra Pal was invited to Andhra by

100. Godavari Swadeshi Stores was started in

Questions and Answers on Andhra Pradesh Geography

1. The number of districts in Andhra Pradesh (AP) are?

2. The name of largest district by area wise is?

3. The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is located?

4. The name of largest city according to areawise is?

5. In which year Andhra Pradesh Formed?

6. From which state was the state of AP Separated?

7. Official language of Andhra Pradesh is?

8. The Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is built on which river?

9. The Capital city of AndhraPradesh (AP) is?

10. The state rank of Andhra Pradesh in all over the India is?

11. Density of Andhra Pradesh is?

12. What is AP Population Rank in India

13. The total populations of Andhra Pradesh according to 2011 is?

14. The name of the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is?

Questions and Answers on Andhra Pradesh Economy

1. Andhra Pradesh economy is basically an economy of

2. In the total geographical area of Andhra Pradesh, proportion of sown area is about

3. Nagarjuna Sagar project was constructed on the river

4. Maize crop is largely confined to

5. Per capita income of andhra pradesh in current prices in 2006-07 is about

6. GNP is greaster than GDP if the country’s

7. In agrivultural sector, as per National Commission on Agriculture, the maximum potential for generating employment is in the crop of

8. Examine some of the facts about National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme 2006:

9. In Andhra Pradesh, to estimate state incom, the method followed is

10. In the recent years, the growth rate of Andhra Pradesh economy is about

11. In Andhra Pradesh, state income estimated by

12. The largest crop in Andhra Pradesh with about 1/3rd of cropped area in 2004-05 was

13. In area and production of chillies, Andhra Pradesh ranks, in India

14. As per 2001 census, in Andhra Pradesh, Female Literacy Rate was about

15. Groundnut monocrop area is identified with the district of

16. Farmers of Andhra Pradesh get institutional finance from

17. In the 10th Five Year Plan of Andhra Pradesh, the proportion of total plan expenditure allocated to Industry and Mining is about

18. Share of tanks in total irrigated area in Andhra Pradesh in the recent year is about