Chandigarh GK Quiz and Answers

As the capital of Punjab, Chandigarh is a union territory situated in Northern India. There are many online quizzes for Chandigarh GK. Here is the quiz on Chandigarh GK. These questions are helpful for upcoming competitive exams.

Chandigarh GK Quiz and Answers

1. The master plan of Chandigarh was prepared by

(A) Albert Mayer

(B) Le Corbusier

(C) Maciej Nowicki

(D) Maxwell Fry

Answer: Le Corbusier

2. In which year, Chandugarh was declared as Union Territory

(A) 1961

(B) 1964

(C) 1966

(D) 1970

Answer: 1966

3. Which one is the official language of Chandigarh

(A) English

(B) Hindi

(C) Punjabi

(D) Haryanvi

Answer: English

4. In which year Chandigarh declared as the first smoke-free city of India

(A) 2005

(B) 2007

(C) 2009

(D) 2010

Answer: 2007

5. This City of contrasts, Chandigarh, was ideated by________________.

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(C) Indra Gandhi

(D) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer: Indra Gandhi

6. The official language of Chandigarh is________________.

(A) English

(B) Bengakli

(C) Hindi

(D) Punjabi

Answer: Hindi

7. Chandigarh Mango festival is celebrated in.

(A) June

(B) August

(C) November

(D) December

Answer: June

8. When was Chandigarh established?

(A) 1 November 1966.

(B) 3 October 1966.

(C) 5 November 1966.

(D) 5 October

Answer: 1 November 1966

9. __________________is a structure built in Chandigarh by legendary architect, Le Corbusier.

(A) Right Hand Monument

(B) Left Hand Monument

(C) Close Hand Monument

(D) Open Hand Monument

Answer: Open Hand Monument

10. Teej festival is the festival of monsoons, celebrated in____.

(A) April

(B) June

(C) August

(D) December

Answer: August

11. Chandigarh was designed by the French (born Swiss) architect and urban planner, ___________ in 1950.

(A) Le Chesimard

(B) Le Hamilton

(C) Le Bryan

(D) Le Corbusier

Answer: Le Corbusier

12. Chandigarh is a city & union territory in India that serves as the capital of two states,__________.

(A) Haryana and Gujarat

(B) Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

(C) Haryana and Rajasthan

(D) Haryana and Punjab

Answer: Haryana and Punjab

13. Festivals of the garden are celebrated in the month of____.

(A) January

(B) April

(C) February

(D) July

Answer: February

14. _________________, former Indian cricketer was born in Chandigarh.

(A) Jeev Milkha Singh

(B) Kapil Dev

(C) Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji

(D) Anil Kumble

Answer: Kapil Dev

15. Baisakhi festival is celebrated in the month of

(A) January

(B) March

(C) April

(D) June

Answer: April

16. Chandigarh is located near the foothills of the___________range of the Himalayas in northwest India.

(A) Himachal

(B) Shivalik

(C) Punjab

(D) Chandigarh

Answer: Shivalik

17. ___________in Chandigarh is an artificial lake at the foothills of the Himalayas.

(A) Pichola Lake

(B) Sukhna Lake

(C) Salim Ali Lake

(D) Rangsagar Lake

Answer: Sukhna Lake

18. In which year Chandigarh declared as the first smoke-free city of India.

(A) 2002

(B) 2004

(C) 2007

(D) 2010

Answer: 2007

19. _________ is a botanical garden located in Chandigarh created in 1967.

(A) Indra Rose Garden

(B) Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

(C) Shivaji Rose Garden

(D) Milkha Singh Rose Garden

Answer: Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

20. Area rank of the state_____

(A) 33rd

(B) 34th

(C) 38th

(D) 44th

Answer: 34th