It was such a warm evening that we had the AC on the whole night, and did most of our neighbors.

It was such a warm evening that we had the AC on the whole night, and did most of our neighbors.

(A) So

(B) Nor / neither

(C) Too

(D) Either

Answer: So

More Quiz on Conjunctions

1. Jane’s bag wasn’t where she had left it, was it anywhere else in the house.

2. My father works as a bank clerk, does my mother.

3. Why are you laughing at me? You can’t solve the puzzle.

4. If Tina wants to come with us, she first needs to get permission from her parents.

5. My daughter is interested in learning how to play chess, my son isn’t.

6. It was such a warm evening that we had the AC on the whole night, and did most of our neighbors.

7. The original song actually had no words, did it have a music video.

8. Although it is known that children spend a lot of time on their computers, adults do so.

9. Tom doesn’t go to college. He doesn’t work anywhere.

10. Robert seemed to have found the joke very funny, I didn’t.

11. I visit the Grand Canyon _________ I go to Arizona.

12. This is the place _________ we stayed last time we visited.

13. _________ you win first place, you will receive a prize.

14. You won’t pass the test _________ you study.

15. I could not get a seat, _________ I came early.

16. We are leaving Wednesday _________ or not it rains.

17. Pay attention to your work _________ you will not make mistakes.

18. The musicians delivered a rousing performance _________ they had rehearsed often.

19. She’s honest _________ everyone trusts her.

20. Write this down _________ you forget.

21. Stephen Crane’s schooling was not continuous; —- he read all of the 19th-century English writers and the Greek and Latin classics.

22. Medical scientists have not yet discovered what causes muscular dystrophy, an inherited disorder that strikes nerve tissue and cripples its victim. —- do they know what causes sudden death syndrome.

23. —- more and more is learned about the biochemical changes that go on in the body —- it grows older, scientists may someday be able to modify those changes to ensure better health for the aged.

24. —- the emphasis on the technical study of language and literature, Roman education was remote from the real world and the interests of the schoolboys.

25. —- the Greeks, who considered physical health a part of education, the church considered the human body something to be ignored.

26. Abundance of prey can vary locally within a region. —-, whales must be prepared to move constantly in search of the highest food densities.

27. —- some teachers guide the natural development of the child’s innate powers, others build knowledge into the child’s mind through a systematic method of instruction.

28. A greenhouse is used —- for displaying plants and, where winters are cold, for growing plants that would not —- survive the seasonal change.

29. —- its creation in 1903, the High Court of Australia has been responsible for interpreting the constitution.

30. —- T.S. Eliot published few poems, they have had a tremendous influence on modern poetic technique.