TOP 100+ Multiple Choice Questions on Tenses with Answers PDF

In this post, Multiple Choice Questions on Tenses with Answers PDF, we are going to learn 100+ correct tense questions and answers. The Verb Tense may sound fairly easy but it can be complicated for some questions. There are certain rules you need to follow in order to answer each of the four question types with the correct tense. The main key to learning any verb tenses is by using them properly in real-life sentences. We will see the list of questions and answers related to the correct tense.

Multiple Choice Questions on Tenses with Answers PDF

1. The swimming pool —- at 9 o’clock and —- at 18.30 every day.

(A) is opening / is closing

(B) opens / closes

(C) has opened / has closed

(D) opened / closed

Answer: opens / closes

2. The Olympic Games —- place every four years.

(A) have taken

(B) are taking

(C) take

(D) took

Answer: take

3. Look! That man —- to open the door of your car.

(A) tries

(B) has been trying

(C) tried

(D) is trying

Answer: is trying

4. Look at the river. It —- very fast today – much faster than usual.

(A) flows

(B) has been flowing

(C) is flowing

(D) flowed

Answer: is flowing

5. We usually —- vegetables in our garden but this year we —- any.

(A) are growing / don’t grow

(B) grew / haven’t grown

(C) grow / aren’t growing

(D) grow / don’t grow

Answer: grow / aren’t growing

6. Usually I —- parties but I —- this one very much.

(A) enjoy / am not enjoying

(B) am enjoying / haven’t enjoyed

(C) enjoy / don’t enjoy

(D) enjoyed / haven’t enjoyed

Answer: enjoy / am not enjoying

7. It —- quite often in Britain during the winter.

(A) is snowing

(B) snows

(C) has been snowing

(D) has snowed

Answer: snows

8. Normally I —- to bed at around 11.30 every night.

(A) am going

(B) have been going

(C) go

(D) have gone

Answer: go

9. There is something wrong with Lynne’s car at the moment so she —- to work by bus this week.

(A) has been going

(B) goes

(C) went

(D) is going

Answer: is going

10. The River Thames —- through London.

(A) is flowing

(B) has been flowing

(C) flows

(D) has flowed

Answer: flows

11. I … my exercise because I didn’t understand the questions.

(A) won’t do

(B) did

(C) didn’t do

(D) will do

Answer: didn’t do

12. For dinner last night we … fish and chips.

(A) had

(B) will have

(C) have had

(D) are having

Answer: had

13. My sister … hamburgers: she thinks they’re bad for her.

(A) will eat

(B) doesn’t eat

(C) is eating

(D) eats

Answer: doesn’t eat

14. They … their new car two weeks ago.

(A) bought

(B) buy

(C) will buy

(D) have bought

Answer: bought

15. She … the piano very well.

(A) will play

(B) plays

(C) playing

(D) play

Answer: plays

16. Sam … the marathon for the first time in 2009.

(A) has run

(B) is running

(C) ran

(D) runs

Answer: ran

17. He often … to the cinema because he loves movies.

(A) goes

(B) go

(C) is going

(D) going

Answer: goes

18. Please be quiet! The baby ….

(A) has slept

(B) is sleeping

(C) sleep

(D) sleeps

Answer: is sleeping

19. He’s not happy because his brother … his computer.

(A) using

(B) doesn’t use

(C) has used

(D) will use

Answer: has used

20. We … Mrs Stewart when we were in California.

(A) have met

(B) are meeting

(C) will meet

(D) met

Answer: met

21. I … in a first-class hotel: it’s too expensive for me.

(A) am sleeping

(B) ‘m going to sleep

(C) sleep

(D) ‘ve never slept

Answer: ‘ve never slept

22. I … English tea. Is it good?

(A) drink

(B) have drunk

(C) ‘ve never drunk

(D) am drinking

Answer: ‘ve never drunk

23. If it’s sunny tomorrow, maybe we … go to the beach.

(A) don’t go

(B) will go

(C) go

(D) went

Answer: will go

24. She’s shocked because she … a terrible accident.

(A) has seen

(B) saw

(C) sees

(D) is going to see

Answer: has seen

25. My mother … 42 years old next Saturday.

(A) was

(B) is

(C) will be

(D) will have

Answer: will be

26. I’m very happy: my favourite singer … to my town next October for a big concert.

(A) has come

(B) doesn’t come

(C) is going to come

(D) isn’t going to come

Answer: is going to come

27. Two children and one adult … in a fire last night.

(A) died

(B) have died

(C) are dying

(D) will die

Answer: died

28. I … to the cinema tonight: I’ve got a lot of work to finish.

(A) went

(B) ‘m going

(C) will go

(D) ‘m not going

Answer: ‘m not going

29. Speak up! I can’t hear you because your dog … too much noise.

(A) is making

(B) makes

(C) made

(D) has made

Answer: is making

30. My brother … football in the same club as me.

(A) is playing

(B) plays

(C) play

(D) played

Answer: plays

31. When I went back to my hometown three years ago, I found that a lot of changes ______.

(A) had taken place

(B) have taken place

(C) are taken place

(D) were taken place

Answer: had taken place

32. Look ! A hamster ______ by a cat.

(A) has been chased

(B) was being chased

(C) is being chased

(D) is chased

Answer: is being chased

33. I’m sorry the house is not available any longer. It ______ to a timber tycoon.

(A) was being sold

(B) will be sold

(C) is sold

(D) has been sold

Answer: has been sold

34. Ai Ling ______ to Manhattan is 1997.

(A) has been transferred

(B) should be transferred

(C) was transferred

(D) is transferred

Answer: was transferred

35. Passengers ______ to smoke in the train.

(A) was not allowed

(B) had not allowed

(C) will not allow

(D) are not allowed

Answer: are not allowed

36. Firemen who battled the fire reported that is ______ under control after forty minutes.

(A) can be brought

(B) was brought

(C) has been brought

(D) is brought

Answer: was brought

37. The students ______ to leave the building immediately.

(A) have been ordered

(B) will order

(C) ordered

(D) have ordered

Answer: have been ordered

38. In future, famous singers ______to perform at charity concerts.

(A) has been invited

(B) will be invited

(C) were invited

(D) are invited

Answer: will be invited

39. The roof may have been leaking for the past few weeks but you do not have to worry about it any longer. It ______now.

(A) is being repaired

(B) is repairing

(C) was repaired

(D) has repaired

Answer: is being repaired

40. The price ______but I doubt whether it will remain so.

(A) will go down

(B) went down

(C) was going down

(D) has gone down

Answer: has gone down

41. The members ______ for a new committee in the coming meeting.

(A) were voting

(B) are voting

(C) had voted

(D) have noted

Answer: are voting

42. They ______ready for his moment for weeks.

(A) get

(B) get getting

(C) will get

(D) have been getting

Answer: have been getting

43. ______Pam and Bobby ______ the rules?

(A) Were, knowing

(B) Does, knows

(C) Are, knowing

(D) Do, know

Answer: Do, know

44. Shareen ______ her driving test on the first attempt.

(A) is passing

(B) passed

(C) was passing

(D) has been passing

Answer: passed

45. The old lady ______ for a long time before she ______ away.

(A) had been suffering, passed

(B) is suffering, passed

(C) has suffered, was passing

(D) was suffering, had passed

Answer: had been suffering, passed

46. I ______ an appointment with the dentist soon.

(A) have made

(B) will make

(C) made

(D) make

Answer: will make

47. The people next door ______ a lot of noise until past midnight.

(A) were making

(B) was making

(C) are making

(D) have making

Answer: were making

48. A journalist ______ to interview you later today.

(A) had come

(B) came

(C) has been coming

(D) will be coming

Answer: will be coming

49. The clerk ______ the money from the bank by one o-clock.

(A) has withdrawn

(B) will have withdrawn

(C) is withdrawing

(D) had been withdrawing

Answer: will have withdrawn

50. Charles ______ his father in the shop until school ______ .

(A) is helping, starts

(B) helped, was starting

(C) was helping, will start

(D) has helped, is starting

Answer: is helping, starts

51. Don’t worry ______ late tonight.

(A) when I am

(B) if I’ll be

(C) if I am

(D) when I’ll be

Answer: if I am

52. We’re good friends. We ______ each other for a long time.

(A) have known

(B) have been knowing

(C) know

(D) knew

Answer: have known

53. John ______ tennis once or twice a week

(A) plays usually

(B) is usually playing

(C) is playing usually

(D) usually plays

Answer: usually plays

54. It’s two years ______ Joe.

(A) since I saw

(B) that I don’t see

(C) since I didn’t see

(D) that I haven’t seen

Answer: since I saw

55. ______ a car when they were living in London?

(A) Had they

(B) Have they had

(C) Were they having

(D) Did they have

Answer: Did they have

56. The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he ______ before.

(A) didn’t fly

(B) hadn’t flown

(C) hasn’t flown

(D) wasn’t flying

Answer: hadn’t flown

57. Allen ______ out when Barry arrived.

(A) had gone

(B) has gone

(C) going

(D) go

Answer: had gone

58. We telephoned Carol but she ______.

(A) was leaving

(B) has left

(C) had left

(D) have left

Answer: had left

59. Doris was sad because she _______ the test.

(A) is failed

(B) had failed

(C) was failed

(D) has failed

Answer: had failed

60. Edward said that he ______ the book from Ramsey the day before.

(A) were borrowed

(B) was borrowed

(C) have borrowed

(D) had borrowed

Answer: had borrowed

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