Enterokinase helps in the conversion of

Enterokinase helps in the conversion of

A. Lactose to Sucrose

B. Trypsinogen into trypsin

C. Pepsinogen into pepsin

D. Proteins into polypeptide

Answer: Trypsinogen into trypsin

Digestion and Absorption NEET Questions –Set-4

1. Pancreatic juice is stimulated by the release of

2. _________ stimulates the production of gastric juice in the stomach

3. Enterokinase helps in the conversion of

4. What is the enzyme that breaks down lactose?

5. Where do digestion of proteins takes place?

6. What is the function of aminopeptidase?

7. Where do the digestion of lipids takes place?

8. Which of the following enzymes participate in digestion of proteins?

9. Which of the following statement is true?

10. What helps the large molecules of lipids to increase their solubility in watery chyme?

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