In humans, lacteals are found in ______

In humans, lacteals are found in ______

A. Ileum

B. Ear

C. Oesophagus

D. None of the above

Answer: Ileum

Digestion and Absorption Short Questions for NEET –Set-3

1. An infant feeding entirely on the mother’s milk passes stools that are coloured yellow. What is the reason for this?

2. A dental condition that is characterized by hyper mineralization of teeth enamel due to excessive intake of _____________. The teeth often appear mottled.

3. Spicy food, coupled with anxiety, may lead to ________

4. One of the reasons why some people cough after eating a meal may be due to the improper movement of ______

5. ____________ is a protein deficiency disorder

6. In frogs, the surface of the attachment for the tongue is _____

7. Doctors will suggest ___________ if person is suffering from high blood cholesterol.

8. Chymosin is also known as ______

9. In humans, lacteals are found in ______

10. Nyctalopia can occur due to the deficiency of

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