Maximum absorption of water occours in

Maximum absorption of water occours in

A. caecum

B. colon

C. small intestine

D. large intestine

Answer: colon

Digestion and Absorption Class 11 questions and answers –Set-2

1. Which enzyme is responsible for the digestion of milk in infants?

2. Maximum absorption of water occours in

3. Succus entericus is secreted by

4. What is the composition of bile?

5. Which of the following present in the filiform papillae of the tongue?

6. The gastric juice contain

7. Which enzyme is present in human saliva?

8. Bile salt activates which enzyme?

9. Choose the incorrect statement regarding human digestive system with reference to a normal person.

10. Which one is not associated with the secretion of saliva in human beings?

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