Upgrade of Indian Zoos to Global Standards by 2031

Union Environment Minister released the Vision Plan (2021-2031) for Indian zoos by Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to upgrade them to global standards and strengthening of Central Zoo Authority.

The vision document is committed to making CZA and Indian zoos a greater force for conservation by providing unparalleled animal care, cutting edge research, and immersive visitor experiences that strike meaningful chords with people of all ages.

10-year vision plan on Upgrade of Indian Zoos

The exhaustive 10 years vision plan has been arrived at after a very stringent data mining and stakeholder consultive process and is expected to give a direction towards ex-situ conservation approaches in India.

As on today there are more than 150 recognized zoos and rescue centers in the country that adhere to the guidelines and high standards of wild animal welfare.

Prani Mitra Awards

Union Environment Minister also gave away the Prani Mitra Awards constituted by Central Zoo Authority (CZA).

These are given every year under 4 categories of – outstanding contribution by zoo director/ curator, biologist/ educationists, veterinarian and the animal keeper/ zoo frontline.